Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I've been a loyal Yahoo! mail user for years. My internet homepage is MyYahoo page, with all my customized weather, news links, bookmarked pages, and sports scores, all in various shades of pink. My email inbox page is also displayed in rosy hues, and junk mail showing up in my inbox never seems to be a problem. And up until this point, I've never had any complaints with the Yahoo! community. Until yesterday that is.

Yesterday my Yahoo mailbox decided to spontaneously purge itself. Every mail sub folder I had with emails saved into various categories (pictures, forwards, Quotes of the Day , South Africa, emails from Brian, baby stuff, wedding stuff), all gone. Years of my life saved in emails were gone inexplicably in a matter of seconds.

One minute I was checking my email, the next, I noticed that all my read emails had disappeared from my inbox, and it was only upon further investigation last night that I realized all my mail folders were empty as well. The helpful people from Yahoo! have been less than helpful, and I have resigned myself to the fact that I may be S.O.L when it comes to getting any of those electronic messages back from the great, wide Internet abyss.

I'm very sad about this, and would possibly consider switching mail servers if I could customize the color of my inbox.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Baby Steps

Amanda at the end of Week 32

I am slowly but surely aquiring a lot of gadgets and gizmos that will supposedly make my life easier once Bradley arrives.  Most of them I look at with blank stares and wonder how they work, and why I need them.  I figure it can't hurt to try out a few things though, since I do have a small dog in the house who makes a great model!

Julius is my guinea pig for trying out the front carrier!  He actually enjoys it, we think!

I experiment with my new Boppy pillow... once again, Julius makes a great test subject!

Friday, April 25, 2008

blogging husband

Today is 25 Apr 08 and tomorrow will be Amanda's and my eleven month anniversary. Now you may say wow, why is this such a big deal, it is only eleven months, wait till it is a year. Ya ya I know. What can I say, I am impatient. It's been a long and winding road but I would not trade it for the world. We are now in the last couple months of pregnancy and in the last couple months of being apart. Amanda and I are both very excited about the baby coming in June and her arrival in Florida shortly there after. Starting a family is no small feat and I don't think they could make enough books on it. The one book that we have been focusing more on lately and the one book that has been proven time and time again to work is the Bible. We have started our daily devotionals with the help of a couples devotional book we got as a wedding gift and it is quickly becoming evident that it is helping. I am going to keep this blog short as this is my first one (yay for me). And just a friendly heads up to all you readers out there, although you may not be able to tell by just looking at my spelling and grammatical errors but I really am smarter than I type. So, from now on be on the look out for many more blogs to come, most will be filled with spelling errors and poor wording but I would like to think that more importantly they will put a smile on faces and make for some good laughs. As long as that is the end result then I am ok with the spelling Now, to clean house and hit the beach before I go to work this afternoon. And yes honey, I will be careful not to hurt my hand

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

pregnant rant

I'm 8 months pregnant- I'm entitled to the occasional rant and rave. Today is one of those days so beware me if you cross my path.

Today has been a crappy day at work all around, and so I decided to indulge during lunch time and treat myself to Mickey D's. Apparently me and everyone else in Cool Springs had a Big Mac Attack at the same time because the line was wrapped around the building- as if there are no other places to eat in Cool Springs- what gives??!! But fine. Here I am in line, I'm not moving. It's too hot to have the windows down so I'm running the A/C, I'm aggravated that I'm using so much gas on my lunch break, and then to top it off, when I'm finally scarfing down my food in the car on my way to run another errand, I realize the people at McD's gave me Diet instead of regular Coke! Today of all days! Can't a girl get a break and enjoy her crap food in peace? Grrr

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hannah's bannanas!

Vomit. 15-year-old Miley Cyrus has just signed a book deal to write her memoirs. Seriously?! What trials and tribulations has she had the time to experience, overcome, and reflect upon in the, let's say, 12 years of her life that she can remember? I'm all for hailing Miley Hannah Montana whatever-the-heck-she's-calling-herself-these-days Cyrus as a positive roll model for the tweeners, but I think penning a memoir on the cusp of barely achieving puberty is a bit much. To read the story for yourself click here, and then maybe we can all scoff and vomit together.

Monday, April 21, 2008

April Showers

... bring June Babies.

Hmm- doesn't quite have that nice ring to it, does it? At any rate, Saturday was the long awaited Baby Bradley Bambino Bash that Mama B threw for me and my son-to-be. Ironically, it showered on us as we made our way into the clubhouse, but ended soon after the shindig began. We had a lovely assortment of munchies, and flowers, and plenty of baby decor. I spent a ton of time working on a clever Baby Mix to play as ladies were entering and mingling, but unfortunately it looks like all that work fell on deaf ears. Oh well... at least I enjoyed my own cleverness. I'll have pics up later, but Baby Bradley racked up! I now have a good jump start on the infant essentials that will help welcome BJ to the world. Less than 2 months and counting...

Baby Bradley's first Kentucky Wildcat outfit!

Buried in a sea of baby gifts

the adorable diaper cake that Mama B made

Friday, April 18, 2008

Shaken, not stirred

I used to be the heaviest sleeper in the world. Now with Baby Bradley taking up so much room in my belly, it makes sleeping a bit trickier these days. I spend my nights tossing and turning from my right side to my left, curling up with my long body pillow (a must have for any Prego Person!), so it wasn't all that shocking when I woke up at some point during last night/this morning. What was shocking was that once I was awake and redistributing my pillow to the opposite side of the bed, I noticed that the house was rattling. Too long to be a roll of thunder, I surmised that it must be an earthquake, remembering that the New Madrid fault line was only a few hours west of us. (How I managed to put such a cognizant thought together when half asleep is nothing short of a miracle for me). When the rattling stopped, I rolled back to sleep, and forgot all about the incident until it was plastered all over the internet this morning.

Many people I know slept right through the earthquake tremors, so I guess you could say they were shaken, but not stirred!

Monday, April 14, 2008

a shining birthday

Yesterday was Daddy B's birthday (In 4 years, I could be 60, was his comment to me). We celebrated by having a big home cooked breakfast after church, and afterwards, dad opened his presents. My dad has this thing for outdoor lighting, so for his birthday among other gifts, he received 2 kinds of outdoor lights. One was a set of two solar-powered lights that by day appear to be landscaping rocks. Basically you pull them out of the box, peel the protective plastic from the solar panel on top, and place in your yard. However, these hi-tech gadgets came with "installation instructions." We laughed at the prospect of "installing" these rocks in the yard, and how one could consume an entire afternoon with the installation process. I sang the token song of course, "this little rock of mine, I'm gonna let it shine..."

In other shining news, another part of dad's birthday presents was tickets for all of us to drive out to Shopryland to the IMAX theater to see the Martin Scorcese documentary about the Rolling Stones, Shine a Light. Dad loved it, but not as much as this one guy sitting in the row in front of us who literally clapped after every song. (I guess it was his first Stones concert.) I wish the movie had included more backstage and behind-the-scenes footage; all in all it was more of a concert experience than what I was expecting, but still we all left giving the film a thumbs up.

Blog sidenote: This marks the 666th Diva Domain post! Oooh, how ominous!!

I hit the flo

Anyone familiar with the recent hip-hop hit from the Flo-rida Boyz? The chorus goes something like this:
She hit the flo
Next thing you know
Shorty got low low low low low low low low

Well that's what this Baby Mama did yesterday while fighting with the computer printer. I totally missed the computer chair and my bottom landed smack flat on the hard tile floor, sending family members rushing into the room to make sure me & BJ were ok! Luckily I have plenty of padding to cushion the fall, so I was able to laugh it off while being pulled up off the floor, allthewhile with everyone in the vicinity singing my new "theme song."

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Happy Mama B-day!

Today is Mama B's 55th birthday (she's at the stage in life where it doesn't matter anymore if you reveal a lady's age!), so I've been razzing her about all her possibilities in the Senior Discount Realm. She has heard that Ross For Less offers them, and I believe that Kroger has their weekly senior discount day on Wednesdays (I could be wrong on that, so don't hold me to it- plus it varries from area to area). I decided to do a little research and came up with a nice little list of available discounts for all you 55+ people out there... considering a large portion of this blog's audience isn't quite at that mark yet, share this with your favorite coworkers, parents, and sweet elderly neighbors.
  • Belks First Tuesday of the month. 15% discountAges 55+.

    Goody’s Every Wednesday. 15% discount with some exclusions. Ages 55+.

  • KB Toys Sign up for the Grandparent's Reward Program, and receive 10 percent off your entire purchase on Tuesdays. Ages 50+.

  • Kmart Gold K presciption discount program. Up to 20% discount on prescription medication. Ages 50+.

  • Long John Silvers Discount for ages 55+.

    National Car Rental Everyday. Call 1-800-CAR-RENT for details. Ages 50+.

Happy Birthday Mama B! I'm excited to celebrate tonight with some yummy Macaroni Grill!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

In need of a pedi-cure!

7 months and counting, and as fascinating as this pregnancy as been so far, there are times when I am ready for the baby to hurry up and get here!  Like when I'm trying to nap in the car on a road trip this weekend, and the little one decides it's a perfect time to wiggle around in my tummy so that I can't sleep, or when I've laid down to go to bed at night, and the blessed one kicks me (or punches me- I can't really tell which)  so hard that I scream out loud, waking up others nearby who are enviously already asleep- or were, as the case may be!

Sometimes the baby interferes with a DIVA's beauty regime- like, for example, not being able to use and cleansers or face creams with acne-fighting salisylic acid in them throughout the pregnancy, or being recommended to stave off hair colorings for the first 3 months when one is already in desperate need of a coloring pre-pregnancy.  Today's experience was another first.  I had been putting off attempting a pedicure since my last professional one mid-February, and the grown out nails and polish finally got to me today so I resolved to pamper my pups.  

First things first- taking off the old polish.  This proved to be as difficult as I had been imagining it to be, thus my valid reason for putting off this chore for so long.  I propped my feet up on the edge of the stool on which I was sitting and proceeded to lean over and swab the cotton-soaked pad over my toes.  Several laborious minutes and many gasps of breath later, the nails were clean.  You cannot imagine the difficulty this once-simple task of taking of toenail polish could be when one is manuevering around a protruding belly, and bending over said belly cutting off one's breath supply!  Let me just say I should have taken Ari's advice to let her paint my toes for me, but for my own stubborn pride's sake, I just had to attempt to tackle the task myself.

Several more gasping breaths later, my toes were clipped, filed, buffed, and lotioned, and ready for polish.  Then came the laughable task of applying two coats of pink polish to the nails.  Because of my rotund tummy, I couldn't bend over far enough to get a close look at my own handiwork, so I relied more on sensory than sight to confirm my progress.  When I finished, I could tell they weren't going to pass for a professional pedicure, and much to my chagrin, my own thoughts were confirmed by my sister when I thrust my flip-flopped foot in front of my sister and asked the hopeful question of "how do they look?" and she answered me with a "you should have let me do it."

Guess I will have to carve out some time and money soon to let the pros do their thing, because a DIVA cannot parade her tootsies around town in open-toed shoes in the spring with feet in such a shameful state!  

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

'Greatest Wildcat of them all' dies - Sports

'Greatest Wildcat of them all' dies - Sports

This is a link to an article about Bill Keightley... UK's Mr. Wildcat.  He's a legend of Kentucky basketball sharing the UK bench as the equipment manager for the men's basketball team for over 30 years, serving under every coach since Adolph Rupp.  To say he had a great impact on Kentucky basketball and that he will be missed is an understatement.

April Fooled

Yesterday I played one of the greatest April Fool's jokes ever... maybe even better than the time I called my parents collect from college and told them I had been arrested at 1 in the morning... (maybe)

I had my first appointment with my new ob/gyn (Dr. Erin Yu... Love her!!) and afterwards, I called Brian to let him know how everything went. He was in the car with one of his coworkers when I called.
"So how did it go," he asked.
"well," I said slowly, "are you sitting down?"
(obviously he was, since he was in the car, but I had to say this for dramatic effect)
"yeah," he replied.
"Well honey... we're having twins!"

His reaction was priceless!! So much so, that I feared dragging it on too long lest he wreck the car!

"April Fools!!" I shouted gleefully after he asked me if I was serious, and shouting a few choice words.