Monday, April 14, 2008

I hit the flo

Anyone familiar with the recent hip-hop hit from the Flo-rida Boyz? The chorus goes something like this:
She hit the flo
Next thing you know
Shorty got low low low low low low low low

Well that's what this Baby Mama did yesterday while fighting with the computer printer. I totally missed the computer chair and my bottom landed smack flat on the hard tile floor, sending family members rushing into the room to make sure me & BJ were ok! Luckily I have plenty of padding to cushion the fall, so I was able to laugh it off while being pulled up off the floor, allthewhile with everyone in the vicinity singing my new "theme song."


Bart and/or Ari said...

way to go, shorty. hope everyone is alright. :)

Mary Anna said...

Noteworthy, yes, but it pales in comparison to my face-first-into-the-nasty-carpet-floor-in-front-of-a-room-full-of-techno-geeky-men.