Friday, April 18, 2008

Shaken, not stirred

I used to be the heaviest sleeper in the world. Now with Baby Bradley taking up so much room in my belly, it makes sleeping a bit trickier these days. I spend my nights tossing and turning from my right side to my left, curling up with my long body pillow (a must have for any Prego Person!), so it wasn't all that shocking when I woke up at some point during last night/this morning. What was shocking was that once I was awake and redistributing my pillow to the opposite side of the bed, I noticed that the house was rattling. Too long to be a roll of thunder, I surmised that it must be an earthquake, remembering that the New Madrid fault line was only a few hours west of us. (How I managed to put such a cognizant thought together when half asleep is nothing short of a miracle for me). When the rattling stopped, I rolled back to sleep, and forgot all about the incident until it was plastered all over the internet this morning.

Many people I know slept right through the earthquake tremors, so I guess you could say they were shaken, but not stirred!


Mary Anna said...

There was another earthquake at my house at abotu 12:30 this morning. It was the wooden bar in my closet falling to the floor with all of my clothes still attached to it.

Rhonda Lu said...

Ooooo I had that happen to me before Mary Anna. Not fun.

Amanda, I'm really jealous you felt the earthquake. I am light sleeper & it didn't wake me up. Others in my area apparantly felt it though.

Bart and/or Ari said...

man, an earthquake has nothing on my cat. he got me up and i went right back out, never noticing the rattles.