Monday, April 14, 2008

a shining birthday

Yesterday was Daddy B's birthday (In 4 years, I could be 60, was his comment to me). We celebrated by having a big home cooked breakfast after church, and afterwards, dad opened his presents. My dad has this thing for outdoor lighting, so for his birthday among other gifts, he received 2 kinds of outdoor lights. One was a set of two solar-powered lights that by day appear to be landscaping rocks. Basically you pull them out of the box, peel the protective plastic from the solar panel on top, and place in your yard. However, these hi-tech gadgets came with "installation instructions." We laughed at the prospect of "installing" these rocks in the yard, and how one could consume an entire afternoon with the installation process. I sang the token song of course, "this little rock of mine, I'm gonna let it shine..."

In other shining news, another part of dad's birthday presents was tickets for all of us to drive out to Shopryland to the IMAX theater to see the Martin Scorcese documentary about the Rolling Stones, Shine a Light. Dad loved it, but not as much as this one guy sitting in the row in front of us who literally clapped after every song. (I guess it was his first Stones concert.) I wish the movie had included more backstage and behind-the-scenes footage; all in all it was more of a concert experience than what I was expecting, but still we all left giving the film a thumbs up.

Blog sidenote: This marks the 666th Diva Domain post! Oooh, how ominous!!


MamaB said...

You left out the part where George and I dumped a LARGE container of popcorn onto the floor as soon as we sat down. Luckily it was a LARGE container so they refilled it for free. But the floor was very very slippery and my feet were dancing while I was sitting and it had nothing to do with the great rock n roll music from the Stones.

Mark Kelly Hall said...

Happy birthday to both parental units! To honor those who brought Amanda into the world I've posted a few amusing items for the enjoyment of all her readers.

OK, actually the posts didn't have anything to do with anyone's birthday, I'm just trying to refer you all to my blog (if you can't be topical, be honest, I say). There actually are a few new things you may find worth a visit. No tickets required, and spill all the popcorn you want. It's your floor.