Thursday, March 31, 2011

Final Fourtune

So I'm a little behind on my blogging, but as we head into April, I must exclaim that March has truly been Madness when it comes to Kentucky Basketball.  We are playing in the Final Four this weekend in Houston for the first time since 1998.  I was 17 the last time the Cats went to the Final Four, and man does that put things into perspective!  I had no idea what it truly meant to be a Cats fan then- I just took it for granted that we were awesome and would just always be a top tier program.  I now look at these kids burning couches on UK's campus to celebrate, and I think smugly to myself, those dumb kids with their $5 student tickets, they just don't understand!  They just have no idea what it means to be a loyal UK fan year after year- to watch Dwayne Wade's Marquette team beat us, to falter to UAB in the 2nd round of the NCAA tourney when we were a favorite to win the whole thing, to watch grimly as UNC gets another banner, or, yes, I'll mention it, the agony of losing to Duke in the infamous Laettner shot that these young whippersnappers weren't even a glimmer in their mother's eye when it happened!

But now I'm older and wiser, and am able to appreciate the journey the Cats have gone on this season.  And how does it feel?  Exactly like this:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Family, pizza, family, and more pizza

We had family visit on back to back weekends.  My uncle Jerry, aunt Lisa, and cousin Eric came down two weekends ago.  It had just gotten warm here in Tennessee, so that Friday night we joined the rest of the city of Franklin and waited over an hour to eat pizza at Mellow Mushroom.  Bradley and I were both sick, but we hung in long enough to eat some cheese pizza, then made an early exit.  Saturday night we went to the new-ish Brewhouse South for dinner.
 Laura, George, and Eric
Lisa & Jerry

In the trend of funny sleeping pictures, Stockwell snuggled with Eric on the couch...
 And Bradley got out if his bed during his Saturday afternoon nap, took his cars, and walked all the way down the hall to my bedroom, closed the door, and climbed onto the bed and passed out like this!
I panicked when I went upstairs and noticed his door was open and went room to room until I found him like this.  This was a first!  We had a good weekend, and watched the Kentucky Wildcats win another SEC Championship.

Then this past weekend, Michael, Missy, Braedon, Garrick, and Addison came to visit.  The weather was gorgeous, so we left the basketball games on tv, stayed outside, and periodically checked the scores (after we watched UK win, of course.)
Bradley & Addison enjoying snacktime
The Cul Hanes aka how many people can we fit on a couch?

Laura made her famous quesadillas and fresh guacomole for dinner, then we finished the evening with Smores in the fire pit.
Mom & her baby brother
The early risers, watching cartoons together
We spent Sunday at Pinkerton Park, and ended the trip with a hike up to Fort Granger.  I was disappointed to discover that after carrying a 34 pound Bradley most of the way, there was no fort at the top!  It was a big open area that we explored and had a great view of Franklin, but still, no fort.  The signs were misleading.
 Cousins Braedon, Bradley, Garrick, and Addison
Sunday night we went to- where else- Mellow Mushroom- for dinner again!  To kill time, we walked around the Franklin sqaure, and B & Addison played on the civil war cannons.
 The four cousins on the couch- and no, that's not Justin Bieber sitting there!
 Until next time!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Best day of work ever

I challenge anyone to have had a better work day on Thursday than me.  It's impossible.  Whatever you did that day, my day was better.  Why was its so awesome?  Because the NCAA tournament began.  I clocked out for a late lunch hour at 3pm, and never went back to work.  Instead, I walked across the street to a sports bar and got to watch the second half of the UK game, which we won by a buzzer beater, and then watched all of the Vandy game while having deep fried bar food and beer with a few friends.  The weather was perfect too.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been if UK had won by 30.  The close games are too stressful for me.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Who's down with RSV? Yeah you know me!

Bradley and I spent the weekend sick, but I am optimistic that we are both on the mend.  He had what I thought was a cold all week long, and so by Thursday night, I decided not to risk the weekend coming on by not making a cursory trip to see Dr. Davis just for them to tell me he was fine.  Everyone knows Bradley in this office.  It seems B has been sick every 2 weeks like clockwork ever since he started day care (just one more reason for me to lament my former days as a stay at home mom).  And whereas before when Bradley would get sick, I would exhaust every home remedy before heading to the doctor as a last resort, now I am much more apt to request an appointment and an antibiotic since Bradley being sick keeps him from going to daycare and me from going to work.  And then the cycle continues because he goes back to daycare and catches something from some other snotty nosed kid.  But that's neither here nor there.

Friday, we find out that the little guy has RSV (a viral respirtory infection) and a double ear infection to boot, which was likely a side effect of the RSV!  I felt like the worst mom ever for letting this go on for an entire week, and even sitting there in the pediatrician's office with the diagnosis, I asked Bradley if his ears hurt and he said no!  The kid has inherited my high tolerance for pain I do believe.

Within minutes they swept in there with a nebulizer (am I the only person whose never heard of one of these contraptions?) that looked like Wheezy from TS3, hooked up a mask, and we sat there for several minutes while Bradley did his first breathing treatment.  We were sent home with our very own nebulizer, and 3 drug prescriptions.

I actually napped when he did Friday, another sure sign that I most likely have RSV too- except that I'm too stubborn/cheap to go to the doctor myself, and I hate taking medicine. 

Bradley looks so pitiful doing his breathing treatments that I of course had to document the event.  There's Rosco the frog, the nebulizer, in the background.  I turn on an episode of Little Einsteins, and away we go!

 Anyways, we went for a re-check today (Monday) and go back again on Friday for them to re-check one of his ears (I'm not lying when I tell you they know and love us at the doctor's office!).  I am praying that no one else gets this nasty virus.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sunday's stream of consciousness

I have been uber-unmotivated to blog lately, so sometimes you have to just blog, even when you don't feel like it, and the motivation will come later- kind of like obeying God, or going to the gym.

A few random and funnies to share:

"If I can stand at the garage door and hit the garbage can 5 feet away with the dirty poopy diapers 99% of the time, then why can't the Kentucky players hit a free throw every single time?"  -me

Today while eating lunch:  "Bradley, why do you have your hand down your pants?"  -me
"So I can touch my weiner."  -Bradley
(it was like, "duh, why else would my hand be down my pants?")

I tripped down the last few stairs the other day while leaving work.  I caught myself by crashing into the door leading into the parking garage.  Thankfully it was more funny than scary, and there was only one other guy who witnessed my clumsiness.

Dad and I took Bradley to Chic-Fil-A for dinner this week.  Guess whose kid was the only one to climb up to the top of the play area, and cry for their mommy, have all the other kids trying to help him get down, and one of the teenage workers had to climb up into the thing to rescue him?  My son!!

I have been praying fervently all week for my boss' wife, whom I've never even met.  She delivered their baby boy at 29 weeks on Tuesday, and then has suffered serious complications since.  The baby is doing great.  Monica is doing a little better.

We started Luke 10 in my Sunday School class last week.  This is excited because we were in Luke chapter 9 from October through February!  Craziness- but awesomeness!

Some peculiar phrases that Bradley has picked up recently:

  • referring to his sweat pants or comfy pants as "fat pants"
  • "it's okay sweetheart."
  • "What's that supposed to be?"
  • "Uh-oh! I just realized something."

I am amazed at the miracle of spring happening over night.  Seriously- I woke up on Saturday morning and the grass was really green, the flowers were in bloom, and the trees had budded.  How does that all happen simultaneously??

Ellen came to visit, and we have more company looming on the horizon-yay!

While watching a dvr'ed episode of Gray's anatomy, Lisa Patton, the news lady broke in and warned of the bad weather and thunderstorms headed our way.
"More storms again?!" I asked incredulously?  (We've had a lot of rain and storms lately)
"Amanda," mom replied, "this was from Thursday night."
Oh right.  DVR'ed episode. ha ha