Monday, March 14, 2011

Who's down with RSV? Yeah you know me!

Bradley and I spent the weekend sick, but I am optimistic that we are both on the mend.  He had what I thought was a cold all week long, and so by Thursday night, I decided not to risk the weekend coming on by not making a cursory trip to see Dr. Davis just for them to tell me he was fine.  Everyone knows Bradley in this office.  It seems B has been sick every 2 weeks like clockwork ever since he started day care (just one more reason for me to lament my former days as a stay at home mom).  And whereas before when Bradley would get sick, I would exhaust every home remedy before heading to the doctor as a last resort, now I am much more apt to request an appointment and an antibiotic since Bradley being sick keeps him from going to daycare and me from going to work.  And then the cycle continues because he goes back to daycare and catches something from some other snotty nosed kid.  But that's neither here nor there.

Friday, we find out that the little guy has RSV (a viral respirtory infection) and a double ear infection to boot, which was likely a side effect of the RSV!  I felt like the worst mom ever for letting this go on for an entire week, and even sitting there in the pediatrician's office with the diagnosis, I asked Bradley if his ears hurt and he said no!  The kid has inherited my high tolerance for pain I do believe.

Within minutes they swept in there with a nebulizer (am I the only person whose never heard of one of these contraptions?) that looked like Wheezy from TS3, hooked up a mask, and we sat there for several minutes while Bradley did his first breathing treatment.  We were sent home with our very own nebulizer, and 3 drug prescriptions.

I actually napped when he did Friday, another sure sign that I most likely have RSV too- except that I'm too stubborn/cheap to go to the doctor myself, and I hate taking medicine. 

Bradley looks so pitiful doing his breathing treatments that I of course had to document the event.  There's Rosco the frog, the nebulizer, in the background.  I turn on an episode of Little Einsteins, and away we go!

 Anyways, we went for a re-check today (Monday) and go back again on Friday for them to re-check one of his ears (I'm not lying when I tell you they know and love us at the doctor's office!).  I am praying that no one else gets this nasty virus.

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Mark Kelly Hall said...

I've had a couple of nebulizer treatments at the doctor's office, but mine wasn't as cool-looking as Bradley's!

BTW, I'm pretty sure I've recommended this blog to you before, but just in case: