Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Family, pizza, family, and more pizza

We had family visit on back to back weekends.  My uncle Jerry, aunt Lisa, and cousin Eric came down two weekends ago.  It had just gotten warm here in Tennessee, so that Friday night we joined the rest of the city of Franklin and waited over an hour to eat pizza at Mellow Mushroom.  Bradley and I were both sick, but we hung in long enough to eat some cheese pizza, then made an early exit.  Saturday night we went to the new-ish Brewhouse South for dinner.
 Laura, George, and Eric
Lisa & Jerry

In the trend of funny sleeping pictures, Stockwell snuggled with Eric on the couch...
 And Bradley got out if his bed during his Saturday afternoon nap, took his cars, and walked all the way down the hall to my bedroom, closed the door, and climbed onto the bed and passed out like this!
I panicked when I went upstairs and noticed his door was open and went room to room until I found him like this.  This was a first!  We had a good weekend, and watched the Kentucky Wildcats win another SEC Championship.

Then this past weekend, Michael, Missy, Braedon, Garrick, and Addison came to visit.  The weather was gorgeous, so we left the basketball games on tv, stayed outside, and periodically checked the scores (after we watched UK win, of course.)
Bradley & Addison enjoying snacktime
The Cul Hanes aka how many people can we fit on a couch?

Laura made her famous quesadillas and fresh guacomole for dinner, then we finished the evening with Smores in the fire pit.
Mom & her baby brother
The early risers, watching cartoons together
We spent Sunday at Pinkerton Park, and ended the trip with a hike up to Fort Granger.  I was disappointed to discover that after carrying a 34 pound Bradley most of the way, there was no fort at the top!  It was a big open area that we explored and had a great view of Franklin, but still, no fort.  The signs were misleading.
 Cousins Braedon, Bradley, Garrick, and Addison
Sunday night we went to- where else- Mellow Mushroom- for dinner again!  To kill time, we walked around the Franklin sqaure, and B & Addison played on the civil war cannons.
 The four cousins on the couch- and no, that's not Justin Bieber sitting there!
 Until next time!

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MamaB said...

Two great weekends in a row--this weekend will seem pretty dull and boring but at least we still have CATS basketball to watch. Thanks Indiana families for coming to visit us in Tennessee!