Friday, June 30, 2006

Boys, Baseball, & Beer

As a legal adult, last night was my first experience with Thirsty Thursdays at the Sounds game. Me, Lana, Rhonda, and Sarah met up after work and went down to Greer Stadium- yes, you heard me right, 4 cute girls, watching baseball, and drinking beer- and we’re all still single?! What’s that all about? (Well, technically one’s off the market) I had forgotten to apply my lucky Creamy Coconut lotion, but I did not let that deter me from scoping out the groups of men at the ballpark. And oh my, were there boys everywhere! Even before we walked into the ballpark 2 men approached us and offered us free tickets on the 2nd row behind home plate! And there was no catch- they didn’t want money for them, they just had extra tickets, so we said thank you and graciously accepted them. What luck! Once inside, the 4 of us grabbed a few chairs and sat in the sun close to the beer vendors and took advantage of their Thirsty Thursday drink specials for awhile before the game began. It was a great spot to get some sun and people-watch. We were still sitting there when the national anthem began, so after silencing Lana during the solemn moment, Sarah put her right hand (which was holding her beverage) over her heart, and she proceeded to tilt her head down and her cup up just enough so that she could reverently sip her beer during the song. Classic!

Next on the agenda was food, so we got our hot dog fixes. While at the condiment stand with Sarah, the new Shakira song came on and we started singing along. Much to our surprise, the strange man standing next to us doctoring up his hamburger also began to sing along. Then he proceeded to tell us how he met Shakira once, and went on and on about her until we walked away trying not to laugh. You can meet some interesting people at the condiment stand.

Finally 3 innings into the game we made our way to our amazing, free 2nd row seats behind the plate. Conveniently enough we had a great view of the Sounds dugout, the batters and catchers (and I don’t even know ‘er) and best of all, the hot, hot umpire. We easily entertained ourselves those around us with our antics of wearing our sunglasses at night, singing all the songs that came on, and commenting on the attractiveness of each player that came up to bat. (Don’t be jealous Lana, that Krynzel smiled at me!)

Boys, Baseball, and Beer- does it get any better? It’s a perfect symbiotic relationship between the 3; you can’t have baseball without boys, and the beer just makes everything better.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fancy meeting You here!

I am convinced the more I study about spiritual warfare that it is happening around us all the time; it’s just that most of the time we fail to recognize it as such. We blame things on luck, circumstances out of our control, or chalk it up to life not being fair and not going our way sometimes. Conversely, I am convinced that God blesses us more abundantly than we ever give him credit for. Good fortune does not simply come our way. It is God pouring out big and small blessings to get us through the day. Most of the time, I don’t notice them. I arrogantly think good things come my way because I deserved or earned them. Yesterday though, I had one of those cool “God Moments” where I couldn’t deny that the Lord had blessed me indeed in bringing a friend to me, and I to her, in a specific time and place when we needed it.

I had had a rough day at work, and as I was leaving yesterday afternoon I called up my good friend Mary Anna, who, as God would have it, had also just gotten into her car. It was perfect timing for us to talk and gripe about our days while we drove! She was on her way home from running and errand and I was on my way to run one. We were having a great talk, and so as I got out of my car, I lingered on the sidewalk outside the store I was about to go in, so as not to hash out my personal life in a public arena. I had been standing outside the local business establishment for several minutes when all of a sudden on the other end of the phone I heard MA interrupt herself mid-thought and say, “wait a minute, is that You?!” The next thing I knew, I was staring in disbelief at my friend who had pulled up right next to where I was standing. She was taking a short cut through the shopping center to get gas, and had I stayed in my car, or gone into the store, we would have completely missed one another!

I proceeded to hang up my phone, and hop into her car where she and I talked for another hour and a half, that is, after we got through giggling at how funny it was that we ran into each other randomly! It was as if God knew we each needed encouragement from the other, and ordained us to have that conversation in person. I am so grateful to have friends like that, where time flies when we talk, and we understand what the other is going through. So often I get troubled by all the Have-nots in my life, that I forget all of the Haves, and I miss God’s blessings completely. I’m just glad that this day I was looking up!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Legal Sorostitution

Look out Louisville, the DZ's are out on the town!

This past weekend I drove up to Louisville (pronounced LOO-uh-vl) to reunite with 3 of my college sorority sisters. Colleen has become all Susie Homemaker on us and hosted us at her super-nice, big-girl house (suddenly being an accountant didn't seem all that bad!). I was first to arrive around 9:30 pm EST, so Colleen and I played catch up on our lives, and swapped the latest gossip on the goings-on of our fellow Delta Zetas. Holt finally rolled in around midnight that night, and Stephanie arrived the next morning around noon. We had an awesome weekend telling old stories on each other and reminding ourselves of the hilarious things that happened to us whiloe we lived in the DZ house together (Colleen as the Don of the DZ MOB, Stephanie's 21st birthday antics, Holt taking her pants off in the house kitchen, and me almost getting hit by a bus before our fall formal). Mary Anna, I brought my pink friendship journal that you gave me and made each of them fill it out, so that helped to jog our memories of all our funny stories!

Saturday was spent lying by the pool, grabbing lunch at this cute sandwich place called the Cheddar Box where Colleen used to work, got some ice cream, and then went downtown to 4th Street after a late dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. I wish Nashville had something similar to 4th street- it's a cluster of restaurants and bars and the street is blocked off, so it's like one big pedestrian-friendly bar district. They have a piano bar, a pool hall/bowling alley, a dance club, a beach-themed bar, a Maker's Mark Lounge, and several others. And of course, they have their token country bar, which is where we Kentucky girls ended up. Call it irony that the Nashvillian drives all the way up to Lousiville to visit a country bar, I suppose. Although this place is a total fraud when compared to the Lo-Bro classics like Tootsies and Roberts, so I didn't really feel like I was cheating on Nashville per-say.

Camera in hand, we pretended like we were back in college and closed the bar down, getting home close to 5am! I hope we can continue to make the effort to get together. Who else can I entertain by singing all my old Delta Zeta songs?

Hey, ironing is hard work! You need to have refreshments close-by! (typical Holt)

Wolfinbarger finishes filling out the "Turtle Talk" journal

Holt and Colleen showing off their snazzy armbands

Delta Zeta Lamps are still burning; Amanda, Colleen, Wolfinbarger (Stephanie), & (Amanda) Holt

Product review: Creamy Coconut lotion

While I normally leave the fashion and beauty advice up to the gals at Las Fashionistas and the Beauty Addict, I simply could not refrain from sharing my latest find at Bath & Body Works. I went to their huge summer sale that they were having to stock up on my coconut lime verbena body lotion and to see what other goodies I could snatch up as well. While I did exercise some amount of self-control and refrained from buying a hot pink rubber ducky (what in the heck would I have done with it, even though it was really cute?), I did get some citrus basil antibacterial soap for the kitchen, and a small tube of the antibacterial hand lotion in the same scent for my drawer at work. To round it out and make it an even three to take advantage of the sale (3 products for $9), I grabbed another antibacterial hand lotion in a scent I had never before tried; Creamy Coconut. To be honest, I bought it on faith because I didn't even smell the lotion before I purchased it! I thought, it's coconut. I love coconut, so I can't go wrong. Well let me tell you, I ended up running back to B&BW last week to purchase the body lotion in Creamy Coconut because it was so intoxicating!

Ladies, I can promise the men will flock to you if you have on this scent. I cannot tell you how many of my male coworkers have come by my desk and gone on and on about how good I smell since I've started wearing it! You will have dates in no time, I guarantee! Why, just last night while out at a bar in Louisville I had an attractive dance partner for the evening and I am convinced it was the Creamy Coconut lotion that drew him in!

Men, go out and buy a bottle of this for the lady in your life- you will certainly not regret it. (Be sure to hurry while sales are still going on!)

And just when you thought Bath & Body Works was so 8th grade and all sun-ripened raspberry on you, they go ahead and come up with another home run in their summery scent department. This DIVA gives the Creamy Coconut products a big 2 thumbs up

Thursday, June 22, 2006

new 'dos

Me and Heather's new haircuts, thanks to Mr. Derrick Deering. I love this guy- if you're a Nashvillian looking for a cut and color, look no further. He's reasonably priced, flexible with after-work-hour schedules, and absolutely hysterical!

I'm still trying to decide how I feel about this cut though- I had originally wanted layers in the front and Derrick talked me out it- who knows- maybe I'm just mourning the loss of my 4 inches of hair that i saw topple to the ground! I'm open to affirming words and opinions seeing as how it's going to take quite a while for me to grow my hair back out.

Monday, June 19, 2006

What's a Farger?

As promised, here's a quick shout-out to my wonderful dad and the day devoted to him!

I was part of the vocal team that morning at church so it was cool being able to sing for him for father's day. After church the fam came to the ballpark to watch Team Kairos play softball. We unfortunately lost and I seemed to sink further into my hitting slump that's been going on the last few games ( I know, I know dad- I'm not snapping my wrists!). After the game we congregated in the living room to open father's day presents. Seriously- the only time this room ever gets used is when we are opening presents for a birthday or mother's or father's day. The rest of the year this room is completely useless. But I digress. You can see here how thrilled the dogs were to be a part of the celebration. They got dad a book on the Beatles' music engineer detailing all the cool ways he got different sounds onto their records.

And here's the proof in photo format that we are all related- without realizing it all 3 of us were sitting on the couch like this so mom made us take a picture! I proceeded to fall asleep on the couch in my sweaty softball clothes for 2 hours while the others got things done around the house. Oopsy. Laura woke me up in time to get dressed for the Sounds game that we were taking dad to. The game got rained out but not before we drove down there and got soaking wet. Of Course. So we came home, changed, and took dad to the Catfish House where I enjoyed a huge dinner of Catfish, Scallops, and shrimp. LOL

Sunday, June 18, 2006

It's that time again

Time to see a recap of the weekend in pictures!

There are no photos available from Friday night's brownie-margarita-queso-movie extravaganza, but 8 or so of us piled into the Penthouse and ate junk food, had a dance party in the kitchen (why is it that these always occur in the kitchen anyways?) and had a hilarious conversation about the stupid things that guys say. Sorry fellas, while I hate to generalize about your gender as a whole, some of the pick-up lines you all come up with are just laughable.

Lana actually had a guy say to her, "you seem like you're the kind of girl that it takes a lot to impress." And then in the next breath, "but if you wanted to have sex with me tonight I wouldn't lose respect for you." "Thanks for the permission to sleep with you, but no thanks," was her general response after she got over the initial shock that the guy had actually just said that to her!

We watched the oft-quoted-movie in our circle of friends, SHAG, and then most of us fell asleep while watching Zoolander, movie number two that night.

Saturday night I went downtown with Beth/Steph and her friend Rachel who was in town visiting. Laura was over at the house, so she and I both got ready together- she even let me do her eye makeup for her- eyeliner and all- this is usually a source for debate when putting on makeup. She's not an eyeliner fan, and I swear by the stuff!

We popped into a tourist shop to see if we could find any cute cowboy hats for Beth and Rachel before heading to Roberts, but unfortunately, this was the best we could come up with!

After a stop in Roberts, we 3 gals mosied over to Tootsie's (at my request of course) and grabbed a table in the back room, where we talked to a group of guys for a long time who were from Canada and had driven all the way down to Nashville for a bachelor party. We also met a young man who was quite taken with my pink cowboy hat, and so I oblidged when he asked for a dance.

More to come on Dad's day which was today.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Don't Follow Me

This afternoon I was talking to a gal-pal of mine going through some relationship struggles. I knew exactly where she was coming from, and I wanted to tell her precisely how she should handle the situation, but I felt like a hypocrite in doing so, since when faced with the exact same scenario, I had chosen the road most traveled by.

This friend and I discussed how frustrating it is to know the right decision we need to make, but to willfully make the wrong choice instead. Paul laments this very behavior in Romans 7:

18 For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out. 19 For what I do is not the good I want to do; no, the evil I do not want to do- this I keep on doing.

22 For in my inner being I delight in God's law;23 but I see another law at work in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within my members.

That's when it hit me. Do you remember those assemblies in high school, I asked her, that STARS (students taking a right stand) would put on, where the inmates would come and one by one share their stories of what they did to get sent to prison? They would start with the tamer crimes and work their way up on the list of felonies, and after each one finished telling his horrific testimony, they would say,
"That's what I did, but Don't follow me."

They thrilled you with their dangerously exciting tales, and then scared you into becoming a good law-abiding citizen. Well that's what I'm telling you, friend, I said! Here's what I did, and sure it was fun at the time, and sure I knew it was wrong, but in the end it only caused more pain and heartache- so Don't Follow Me!

My gal-pal and I had a good laugh over this.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bigger is not always better

I had an interesting experience this past weekend at church that I felt I must share. Sunday I was scheduled to come sing at the Downtown Presbyterian Church as a paid choir member. I accepted the offer to come sing for this church with great trepidation for several reasons:

1. I did not know what I would be singing until I showed up that morning.
2. I wasn't sure the style of music, whether or not I would be dressed appropriately (I mean, how Does a Presbyterian dress, I ask you?), and whether or not I would have to sing a solo- this would affect how much I needed to warm up in the car on the way into town.
3. It meant I would have to miss out at BBC, singing this huge anthem complete with drumline. I also was going to miss church and Mike's sermon in Romans, and probably would miss Sunday School.

Ultimately, against my selfish desires to sing and worship at my home church, I couldn't pass up the chance to get paid to sing at another church, so downtown I went on Sunday morning. I literally dodged homeless men loitering on the street as I made my way into a side door of the church. I was stared at by these men hovering on all corners of the streets, and felt myself looking down my nose at them. I was the good little Christian going to church on Sunday morning- what were They doing? I was also a bit afraid for my safety even though it was broad daylight.

Into the church I went, where I didn't see another person as I weaved through the darkened building until I heard the banging of a piano and led myself to what I assumed must be the choir room. My assumptions correct, I was the first singer to arrive, and the director handed me a folder and in a flurry started to hand me sheet after sheet of music- hard music- John Rutter and Tchaikovsky- as I sweat (literally- the air conditioning was out) and wondered if I would be able to sight-read well-enough to sing the music in that morning's service.

Slowly but surely the other 5 choir members arrived- yes, I said 5- and I am fairly certain that I was not the only one paid to be there! It made me miss and appreciate my 200 voice choir at Brentwood Baptist as I wistfully thought of the powerful anthem they'd be singing at BBC that morning complete with full orchestra and drumline. But here I was using my gifts and talents in a very obvious way. To this church choir, my one voice mattered. I can't honestly say that when I sing at BBC. We rehearsed for an hour, and then went downstairs for church.

Our service was held in the small chapel, where the "choir" hovered around an out-of-tune piano to sing, the choir director doubling as the pianist and conducting with her nodding head, half the congregation consisted of a visiting youth group, and the substitute minister was a high school English teacher who preached from his open iBook computer propped up on the podium. Time was taken to share individual prayer requests and each person was prayed for individually. (I can't imagine how many hours upon hours we would be in church if they opened up the floor for prayer requests at Brentwood Baptist!) It was a small, struggling church, but it dawned on me the necessity for having an inner-city church present to minister directly to a large unchurched population! One man who voiced a prayer request actually lived in the Nashville Rescue Mission, and he was thanking the church for the ministry that they provide.

And here I was missing my big, cushy, suburban church, while this congregation was coming in contact with blatantly needy people every day! How dare I judge those men on the street as I entered the church. I was ashamed at my own ignorant predjudices, despite the fact that I have done missions projects with Room-In-The-Inn here and with the Muizenberg shelter in South Africa. I thanked God for the chance to experience worship in a different way, and thanked him for the blessing of allowing me to participate in a simplistic, back-to-basics kind of worship.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

birthdays and bachelorettes

Argo, Kelly, Camper Anne, Steph, & AJ

a great color combination if I do say so myself!

This weekend was just what the doctor ordered. Who needs guys when you can have amazingly fun times with your girls?

I drove up to Lexington Thursday as soon as I got off work to celebrate former Sugar Shack roommate Stephanie's birthday. I hadn't been up to LexVegas since this past October (McCarthy's and Keeneland anyone?) so I was long

Freshman Friends

overdue for a visit. The drive was oddly comforting as I reminisced on my former college days, and thought about the countless times I had made this drive over the years. Even still, I have not yet managed to snap a picture of the Used Cows For Sale sign on 1-65 close to Sonora, KY that has been posted ever since I made my first college visit to UK back in 1998! I guess someone is buying used cows for that sign to still be necessary! It was late when I finally rolled into Wildcat Country, but Steph had to wait up for another friend who was also driving in town that night, so to pass the time we visited Pazzo's, a local campus favorite. The place was fairly empty, but I didn't think twice when a guy asked to see my ID upon walking towards the bar. It was Stephanie who realized he didn't have a Pazzo's shirt on, and was just a guy at the bar, asking to see our IDs! I am pretty much oblivious when it comes to things like this! As it turned out, one of the other guys who was friends with the wannabe-bouncer was a kid I had a conducting class with in college. Joe-the-trumpet-player and I caught up, and as it would happen, he has goofed around and Still hasn't finished his undergraduate degree- so it could be worse than having a useless degree, Mom & Dad- I could still be going on 7 years to complete it! Joe, Brandon-the-wannabe-bouncer, and quiet friend #3 invited us to sit up at the bar with them to talk, and Steph and I had a good laugh at the situation in between barroom chitchat with the 3 Stooges.

Friday was spent lounging by the pool during the day and then Steph's birthday celebration that night. 9 girls piled into a limo and rode around town, then headed to Buddy's for dinner, followed by champagne and cupcakes in the limo, and finally ending up at the Blue Moon in their VIP room. We danced the night away, high heels and all- what can I say? I'm a slave for fashion!

Saturday I waved goodbye to Lexington and got back in Nashville just in time to take a 30 minute nap and get ready to go out again, this time for Karen's bachelorette party!

This was Karen's last weekend in Nashville, and last weekend to be single. She had never been out on the town in Music City, so we gussied up and showed Karen Nashville's trendy side. We started out at Layl'a Rul, had dinner at the Bound'ry, then went to Virago, Red Door Saloon, and back to Layl'a Rul, where we started the night. Karen had a blast, as did the rest of us. I recommend the White Grape martini at Layl'a and the Keylime tartini at Virago- both were unique and yummy.

This girls weekend was Just what the doctor ordered!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Pretty Boy or Funny Man?

So I got into a lengthy discussion with several of my male coworkers at the end of the day today. I honestly can't even tell you how it began, but we were debating over which person you would rather be stranded on a desert island with- Brad Pitt or Vince Vaughn. I think some how Jennifer Anniston came up in conversation and we were discussing which actor she chose and why. Both are attractive men, both have fame and power, but it comes down to that age-old question of whether you would rather have a pretty face or someone who makes you laugh.

Time and time again I find myself always choosing the guy who makes me laugh over the pretty boy. To this day my friends Ben and Jon have a running joke about which one of them I "picked" the night I met them both (New Year's Eve, 1996). Both were nice-looking guys. Jon was extremely cute, but Ben was hilarious. Ben and I dated on and off for a while and I'm still good friends with both of them, but the fact remains that given the choice between the two, I chose the one for companionship that kept me entertained.

But those are real, everyday guys. When presented with the hypothetical choice of getting to pick between dating/having/marrying/whatevering Brad Pitt, my lifelong celebrity crush, or Vince vaughn, the hilarious new It-guy on the Hollywood scene, could I really say then that I would choose Vince over Brad? Could you?

Now before you answer too quickly, Joel saw this very Desert Island debate on a tv show and one of these guys edged out the other 51% to 49%- apparently I wasn't the only one who had trouble deciding which studmuffin to be stranded with either! Curious to know which guy won out? Post your responses and then I'll let you know who America picked.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

a purdy good weekend

This past weekend was one that was highly anticipated, even though I had just had an amazing previous Memorial day weekend and a four-day work week. Friday was Beth's birthday so she and I partook in a ritualistic Friday Starbucks run on our morning break (Really?? I mean REALLY?!) where I discovered my new favorite drink- a tall fat-free Coconut Latte- it tastes exactly like an Almond Joy (or is it a Mounds?). Then we had a girls lunch at Calypso Cafe- Beth's choice- before finally heading out that night with a bunch of people to celebrate her big 2-5 in style at Saffire in Franklin. I'll admit I was most psyched about this dinner party because I had an awesome new dress to wear. It's one that Beth "made" me buy when we were at TJ Maxx after convincing me that despite the fact that I couldn't wear it to work or to church that I could wear it to her birthday party that her husband Daniel was planning for her. Deal, I said, and I promptly purchased the dress.

Saturday was pretty uneventful although I did meet MA, Em, and Lana at a Sounds baseball game. The Sounds ended up winning, and we got to see some amazing "Reworks" after the game (they really need to get those lights on the scoreboard working!).

Today after church I spent the day helping my parents around the house. Since they're getting ready to put the house on the market we painted the laundry room and their bedroom. It was actually kind of fun- I got to learn how to put on a dryer hose and connect that to the wall, and I was able to utilize my painting skills that ironically enough, I attribute to my New York mission trip last summer. It's kind of funny because you always think about God teaching you things in your day-to-day life that will help you out on a mission trip, and not the other way around, but I certainly didn't know anything about painting techniques before working in that NYC middle school last summer, and that experience certainly came in handy today. Dad nicknamed me "Spongey" because in his opinion I was using up the paint unusually fast.

We had one of what I love to call Blogworthy Moments when mom volunteered to go to Home Depot to buy another gallon of paint while dad and I continued working. Besides the paint, dad told her to get a pack of Purdy rollers also. Without looking up from what I was doing, I knew what was about to follow and I began to laugh in anticipation. "Pretty rollers," she said? "What are those?" As a girl in-the-know (again, drawing from that Kairos mission trip where all I did was paint for an entire week solid) I laughed and said "Purdy. P-U-R-D-Y- it's a brand name, Mom."

The other amusing thing that made the painting more enjoyable was the whistling and singing in tandem by dad and myself to the Christmas song, Sleigh Ride. Random? Absolutely. This went for about 15 minutes or so before I finally asked dad what in the world made him start to sing that song. Apparently when I bumped into a wind chime hanging above the laundry room window it reminded him of the sound of Jingle Bells, and thus, the Christmas caroling began.

Now it's close to beddy-bye time and everything on me hurts. No matter that my softball game got rained out today- I definitely still got my work-out for the day!

Friday, June 02, 2006

the not-so terrible twos

Where, oh where has the time (and my little dog) (blog?) gone? On May 25th, 2006 the Divadomain in all her glory turned 2 years old! 2 years of venting about work, 2 years of telling hilarious real-life stories about my friends and family, 2 years of posting random musings of the goings-on in the world. It has even been suggested to me by some that I have my own little Carrie Bradshaw, Sex & the City Thing going on here- to which I replied, well since I don't know much about sex, my column/blog would be more aptly named "And the City!"
I feel like a bad blogger, considering I missed my own pride-and-joy's birthday, so show her some love in the form of a comment, and let the author know that she isn't the only one reading this!