Thursday, March 29, 2012

Catlanta Recap

I am still on a basketball high after my trip with Dad to Atlanta this past weekend to see Kentucky play in the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 games of the NCAA tournament!  Laura, George, and I surprised dad with tickets to go as an early 60th birthday present.  It was a great trip, and makes me wish I were headed to NOLA this weekend.  Here's the short-ish recap of it all.

The Good:
  • Kentucky 102, Indiana 90
  • Kentucky 82, Baylor 70
  • The parking! Seriously! We bought parking passes online for both days, and the parking garage had walkways directly to the Georgia dome, and the concourse was about as close to our seats as you could get. We drove in and parked, and drove right out after the games both days with minimal game day traffic. I was flabbergasted. (Red parking deck, if you're ever in Atlanta... the Final Four is being held there next year, so I just may be back!)
  • Our awesome hosts, family friends, Nathan & Ticia.  Their house is gorgeous, it was only about 20 minutes from downtown, and they made breakfast for us both mornings.  It was great getting to spend time with them.
  • As much Cherry Coke as I could drink at the World of Coke taste testing area
  • I kept punching dad in the arm, grinning and saying, "Can you believe we're really here?!"  See below for our happy, giddy faces
Can you believe we are at the Sweet 16??!!

The Bad:
  • Monsoon rain on the way to the ATL, and heavy traffic on the way back
  • Missing the first turn to the Georgia Dome because I was playing "Yeah!" on my iPhone... I had a hankering to hear the "peace up, A-town" and it got us into trouble. Like, an hour-long traffic jam to drive around the block, trouble.
  • The "Beverly" drink at the World of Coke... we each tried it in the taste-testing area and watched the next person's face as they sipped it for the first time. When in Italy, don't order a Beverly!
  • Within ten minutes of getting into the Georgia Dome, I found out there was no beer being sold (hey, after sitting still in traffic for an hour, you'd want a cold one, too!), I broke my thumb nail all the way down, and the veggie dog that I ordered and was so excited about, they did not have. (Top 5 Vegetarian-Friendly Venue, my Butt!). It was a bad ten minutes. But then I decided that these bad things happen in threes, and so I took that as an omen that we were going to win the game.
  • At this point in the season, UK has a lot of enemies. Watching that Louisville- Florida game, I didn't want either team to win. Can't they just give us our national title by default? Okay, so someone had to win, so it might as well have been Louisville.
  • Waiting 2 hours (standing) to eat lunch at Taco Mac before Sunday's game.  There were no tables to be had, and then they apparently had two pager #3s, so our name got bypassed.  That food tasted delicious by the time we sat down and scarfed down lunch just barely getting to the Georgia Dome in time for the game.  We also invited 2 other Kentucky fans to sit with us and eat since everyone was short on time and short on places to sit.  The father & son were nice, but we strangely never exchanged names, only stories during our hasty lunch.
NOT drinking a Beverly:  Nathan, Tim, & Dad
The Ugly:

  • Baylor's uniforms: As if the highlighter-yellow wasn't bad enough, they went to 11 with their awful Camo uniforms lined in bright yellow
  • TAB: Why did Coke ever make this drink? Nathan and I each sampled this one at the World of Coke, and to me, it tasted like flat Coke with more sugar. Not as bad as the Beverly, but seriously Coke, why would you make this?
  • While waiting in the hour-long traffic around the Georgia Dome, I searched the internet and played us several "Georgia-inspired" songs. There are many. This helped to calm our nerves while sitting still for way too long. It helped the time to pass, but I'd have preferred not to have wasted this time in the first place. (Stupid me, looking for URsher!)
  • My Zoolander Fail Facebook post:  Here's the picture- I thought it said "Magnum" but in reality, the sign said Mangum... DOH!

Spelling FAIL!
 A few other pictures from the weekend:
Posing in front of the Kentucky-Indiana final scoreboard
My favorite time out- complete with the Wildcat sporting a Unibrow
Trying a new Coke product
Dad gets his complimentary bottle of Coke
Anthony Davis, National Player of the Year, shooting a free throw
Cats playing D
The newest game craze: Fatheads
The Three Goggles
Senior Darius Miller holding the net
Father-Daughter bonding time
I guess our family just bleeds blue, and I'm so blessed to have enjoyed this great weekend with my dad and to have gotten to see the Cats play some great basketball and earn another trip to the Final Four.  Dad... you're my dad... and I love you, man!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nightmare on Elmo Street

Ever wonder what kids dream about, or worse- what gives them nightmares?  What's so traumatic about being three, you might wonder, that it would rouse you from a dead sleep?  Well I'm glad you asked.

Two nights ago Bradley woke up crying in the middle of the night.  When I got to his room, in between the sobs, he exclaimed, "I don't like my little monster truck!  I want a big monster truck!"  Now mind now, it's not like he's in a "monster truck phase" or something.  He rarely plays with trucks, so this was totally out of the blue.  Good thing it was dark so B couldn't see me laughing silently at his predicament.

He settled down pretty quickly and fell back asleep.  The next morning I asked him if he remembered dreaming about monster trucks, and I asked him what upset him so much.  He told me that he dreamed he had taken a monster truck from a little girl, and that Grandma B took the truck away from him!  At this, I couldn't stifle my laughter.  Since Grandma is almost always the good guy, and I as the single parent, am always the bad guy, I relished this opportunity to laugh at Bradley being so upset with her.

So that, my friends, is what three year old nightmares are all about, and apparently Grandma B is the Freddy Krueger of Elmo Street.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bradley's Bracket

I grew up in a household that was basketball crazy.  Every March, we would each fill out our NCAA tournament brackets and post them in the kitchen to compare our picks.  Laura & I used to fight over who got to highlight the winners after each round.

Now the bracket picks legacy has been passed on to Little B.  Mom sat him down and went round by round and asked him who he thought would win between each school mascot.  Check out this winning bracket:

Humorously, he has the Kentucky Wildcats playing the St. Bonaventure Bonnies playing in the national title game.  Let the traditions begin, and let's go Wildcats!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Tree of Life

Spring has sprung in middle Tennessee.  We had such a mild winter that all of the flowers and trees are blooming, and Easter's still nearly a month away.

Mom & Dad have this beautiful tree in their backyard which we've identified as a Chinese Magnolia.  Every spring the tree blooms these gorgeous flowers, and less than a week later, the flowers fall, blanketing the yard in soft white petals resembling a spring snow leaving the branches bare until the leaves come in and take over.

The past several years I've made a point to take a picture with Bradley in front of the blooming tree, and so I thought it might be neat to see the passage of time in pictures:
 Bradley age 21 months
 Bradley age 2 1/2

 Bradley age 3 1/2
And no, I haven't yet seen the Terrence Malek film for which I wittily named this post, but I'll get around to it eventually.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Saturday Shopping

I must have been crazy, but I decided to take B with me to the mall and to Walmart on Saturday... by myself... at naptime. My rationale was that I had a few things I needed, and because of our timetable, we had to forego the nap and go in the afternoon. I didn't want to sacrifice my time with B, plus, there's the advantage of spending control when you shop with a child- their attention span is only so long, so it cuts down the unnecessary browsing (and ultimately spending)! So off we went, while Mom & Dad cheered on the Murray State Racers to an OVC championship.

To my delight- he was an angel. He listened to me and stayed by my side, and even gave his imput on the items I was purchasing. We broke up the trips to the individual mall stores with a ride on the carousel, split a free pretzel from the mall kiosk, and I let him expend some energy running around the kids' play area. After the mall, we shared some snacks in the car, and then made our Wally World run, which
culminated with a ride on the merry go round there AND a turn playing the claw game. (To Anonymous, these pictures were taken on my iPhone.)

All in all, it was a productive and fun afternoon spent.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Rhyme Time

I haven't done any posts on what B is up to these days, so here's a quick rundown:

It really is true what they say about kids: everything is a phase.  If something B is doing is driving me crazy (getting out of bed in the middle of the night... wetting himself at nap time... obsessed with Tom & Jerry) give it a few weeks, and the phase has passed.  Unfortunately, it can work both ways, and suddenly my angel can be a crab for several moody weeks as well.

Most exciting these days is that B has recently figured out rhyming words.  He will offer up several pairs of words- like car and bar, and tree and bree (okay, they're not always real words, but we're getting there) and he lights up when he realizes he's made up a rhyming pair.  As a self-proclaimed grammarphile, it makes me beam with pride that he's so interested in the English language.

These days, the favorite tv shows are Mike the Knight, the Backyardigans, Team Umizoomi, and Word Girl.

The Buddah belly is still there and he weighs in around 38 pounds-  still short and stocky for his age.

I'm in denial about his hair.  I still maintain that it's strawberry blonde, but most of the time anyone who meets him for the first time will comment on his Red hair.

Bradley loves Star Wars and Superheros.  He can't get enough of watching both on tv and dressing up in his various costumes and sword fighting and/or light saber fighting.  Oh, and of course, he calls it his life saver.  And he always says, I'm "be-tending," and likes to play with "marvelworks" (marbles).  He is quite taken with Wonder Woman, and told me the other night that Wonder Woman was pretty, and that he wanted to touch her boobies!  He is 3 1/2.  Where does he come up with this stuff??

Tonight, the creme de la creme:  Mommy, you're beautiful. And he told me that I was prettier than Wonder Woman.  Considering what a fox he thinks Wonder Woman is, I'll take that compliment.