Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bradley's Bracket

I grew up in a household that was basketball crazy.  Every March, we would each fill out our NCAA tournament brackets and post them in the kitchen to compare our picks.  Laura & I used to fight over who got to highlight the winners after each round.

Now the bracket picks legacy has been passed on to Little B.  Mom sat him down and went round by round and asked him who he thought would win between each school mascot.  Check out this winning bracket:

Humorously, he has the Kentucky Wildcats playing the St. Bonaventure Bonnies playing in the national title game.  Let the traditions begin, and let's go Wildcats!


MamaB said...

It was funny because Bradley would usually pick the fiercest mascot over the other one but for some reason, he always picked the "Bonnies". And even when I would use a softer tone for mascots I dislike a lot (i.e. blue devils), he would still pick them.
He will probably do as well as I do and I agonized over my bracket for days.

And YES we do love March madness at the Bradley household which is a little different than the "normal" madness we have there!

Go RACERS and go CATS!!

MamaB said...

Bradley's St. Bonaventure Bonnies almost pulled off a win today against Fl state and his Norfolk St Spartans beat #2 Missouri tigers!