Monday, March 05, 2012

Saturday Shopping

I must have been crazy, but I decided to take B with me to the mall and to Walmart on Saturday... by myself... at naptime. My rationale was that I had a few things I needed, and because of our timetable, we had to forego the nap and go in the afternoon. I didn't want to sacrifice my time with B, plus, there's the advantage of spending control when you shop with a child- their attention span is only so long, so it cuts down the unnecessary browsing (and ultimately spending)! So off we went, while Mom & Dad cheered on the Murray State Racers to an OVC championship.

To my delight- he was an angel. He listened to me and stayed by my side, and even gave his imput on the items I was purchasing. We broke up the trips to the individual mall stores with a ride on the carousel, split a free pretzel from the mall kiosk, and I let him expend some energy running around the kids' play area. After the mall, we shared some snacks in the car, and then made our Wally World run, which
culminated with a ride on the merry go round there AND a turn playing the claw game. (To Anonymous, these pictures were taken on my iPhone.)

All in all, it was a productive and fun afternoon spent.

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