Thursday, October 28, 2010

My, My My, twice bitten, never shy

Last week there was an "incident" at daycare.  Apparently Bradley tried to take a toy away from one of his friends.  He wouldn't turn loose of it, so his friend hauled off and bit Bradley on the shoulder.  Hard.  There were top and bottom teeth marks to prove it.  I thought it was funny that the daycare director wasn't allowed to say who bit him, but that Bradley told me straight away who the culprit was.

Fast forward to a few days later, I drove straight to Laura & George's Sunday night from Kentucky, meeting everyone else there for dinner.  I was super excited to see Bradley since I hadn't seen him since I dropped him off at daycare on Friday morning.  Also, L&G just rescued a year-old dachshund puppy who needed a good home, so this was our opportunity to meet the little fella, since they just got him on Friday.

You can guess what might come next.  After dinner, we were all sitting around, and Max (the new dog) and Juju were playing on the couch, with several of us sitting close by.  Bradley, playing and standing in front of the couch, reached forward towards the dogs, and in a nanosecond, Max bit Bradley on the hand.  The commotion that followed was epic.  I ran over and scooped up Bradley and rocked him in my lap, and then grabbed his hand to examine it, and was shocked to see blood in several places.  George grabbed Max and put him in his cage, then carried him upstairs.  I rushed Bradley over to the sink where we ran his hand in water, so you've got the dog yelping from his cage upstairs, Bradley crying hysterically downstairs, Laura apologizing profusely (even though I do not blame her for this accident in the slightest) and me, mom, and dad looking at the multiple punctures in B's had trying to determine if he needs stitches while trying to calm and distract Bradley.  It was chaotic to say the least.  I decided better to be safe than sorry, so off to Williamson Medical Center ER we went.

In the back of my mind I always knew I'd be at the ER some day with my little boy, I just didn't think it would happen so soon.  Bradley was the darling of the ER, entertaining everyone with Toy Story quotes, and dancing and talking to everyone.  In the picture below you can see the two places on his hand that were the worst.
We had a really nice nurse named Dinah, and since Bradley has a favorite Kindermusik song called Shiny Dinah, it wasn't hard for him to remember her name.  He charmed all the nurses at the nurse's station by telling them all his nurse's name.  Several hours later, they sent us home with no stitches, but B's hand wrapped up in a splint, and gave us an antibiotic to take to try and prevent his bites from getting infected.  Here's a shot of Bradley on Monday morning with his hand all wrapped up.
He really was very good throughout the ordeal, and I got an unexpected day off work on Monday to look after Bradley, and make sure he kept his hand bandaged.  We went to story time at the library and ran a few errands, and I daydreamed at what it was like being a stay at home mom. 

Now, several days later, the hand is healing just fine.  The fate of the fury biter is TBD, but our little guy is doing great.  How bizarre is it to think he got bit twice in a matter of days, though?  It makes me think of that awful 80's song.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Picking out Pumpkins

They say Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.  Well all I wanted to do was pick one perfect pumpkin today from the pumpkin patch, and things would have been just peachy.  The weather was pretty, with plentiful sunshine.  Alas, the pesky, persistent Tennessee sunshine is why the pumpkin patch at Gentry's Farm in Franklin was all picked-over and pared down.  Apparently the perpetual  heat we had this summer caused the pumpkins to parch and prune up, and thus the salvageable pumpkins had already been plucked, leaving a barren patch.  Instead, patrons perused up and down aisles of pallets with piles of pumpkins already picked from the patch. 

I had my hopes up to get that perfect photo of Bradley in row among rows of pumpkins, and picking out that propitious pumpkin for our porch.  Instead, we posed for photo ops in front of pick-up trucks with prickly hay, painted signs, and of course, pumpkins!

(Yes, they're real, and they're spectacular!!!)
The proverbial family photo
Bradley liked the petite pumpkins and gourds, but of course then began using them as perfunctory balls, projecting them across the premises, so I promptly procured the gourds from him, and pushed him on to pick out a more prodigious pumpkin, one that would be possible to carve, and too portly for him to pitch!

Bradley also played and ran all over the property, pitching a fit when it was time to part!  All in all, it was a rather a pedestrian excursion, but I was pleased to procure the paramount symbol of Halloween for our carving pleasure, posses some good pictures from the outing, and support a local proprietor.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How funky is your Chicken-Raptor?

I took advantage of the warm weather, and decided to take Bradley to the Ravenwood High School homecoming football game this past Friday night.  This was his first football game of the season, except that when we got in the car to leave, he asked about Braedon & Garrick- his cousins whom he visited in August, when he watched part of Braedon's jamboree football game.  I could not believe Bradley's memory goes that far back, yet when I ask him what he did at daycare today, he can't tell me a thing!

Here's how the football game went: 

1st quarter:  After purchasing dinner from the concession stand, Bradley sat on Grandma's lap and ate cut up hot dog, chips, & popcorn.

First half of 2nd quarter:  He entertained those around us by shouting "Go Raptors" and crawled and climbed from lap to lap.

Second half of 2nd quarter:  Mom and I took Bradley down to watch the band play, and meet the "chicken."  No matter how many times I corrected him, Bradley firmly believed that Ravenwood's mascot was a chicken.  Bradley then ran around, dancing and jumping in circles, gaining the attention of many a high school girl. 
He stood at the fence and watched the older kids play football longingly.

Too wound up to sit still in the bleachers
Mom and Bradley in their Raptors shirts
Halftime:  we made our way back up to the stands by bribing Bradley with fruit snacks when we got there.
3rd quarter:  Bradley climbed from bleacher to bleacher, lap to lap, and I did my best to keep him from eating food crumbs from the stands.  Ravenwood was losing to Emo's alma mater, so we left soon after the 3rd quarter started as it was already past B's bedtime. 
Not a total failure as far as outings go, but it's a good thing Ravenwood was losing and I didn't care about the game, because I cant you a darn thing that happened in the game from keeping track of a two year old!

Fun with Frinkles

This working thing's for the birds!  I am too tired at night to do everything I need/want to do after Bradley goes to bed, so my blogging has lacked both in content and in frequency.  My apologies to my two readers.

Getting into the Halloween spirit, Mom & Laura made cupcakes on Saturday, and decorated them with Halloween candy sprinkles.  They left a single cupcake for Bradley to decorate, and I gave them crap about that.  "As much as you two love to cook, and be in the kitchen, and as much as you (mom) love to let Bradley help out in the kitchen, and all you leave him is one measley cupcake to decorate??!!"  Yeah, I came down a little hard on them. 

So we grabbed 2 more scantily sprinkled sweets, and let him decorate a whopping 3 Halloween cupcakes!
Please note the amount of orange and black sprinkles on the table!
Getting a mouthful of "frinkles"... we're having a hard time saying "SP," so we talk a lot about Fiders, Busghetti, and Frinkles these days.

Showing off his messy face, and consequently, his new big-boy hair cut that he got this day.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

'Bama with the Baileys

This weekend was spent catching up with old family friends.   Don & Jane were my parents' college friends.  They were in each others' weddings, and have 2 daughters the same age as me and Laura.  In the past several months, we have all wound up in closer proximity to one another, so Becky and Sara orchestrated a surprise visit for their parents' 35th wedding anniversary, and we all convened on Don & Jane's Birmingham, AL house.  I wish I had taken a picture of Jane's face when she opened the door- it was priceless!  She and Don had no idea that we were coming.

The weather was gorgeous, so we let the kids play outside, they played with old toys of Becky and Sara's that I can remember playing with when we were kids, and of course, football was on the agenda.  Them Alabama people take their pigskin mighty seriously!  At least the Tide were playing against Florida, so I had no trouble cheering for Alabama, and against the Gators.  I had never met Becky's husband Corey before, but I can say with certainty that he loves his Alabama football possibly more than I love my Kentucky Wildcat basketball. 

Bradley really liked "Miss Becky."  He sat perfectly still on her lap and let her trim not only his finger nails, but toes too.  I have never ever seen the child sit so still while the dreaded chore is performed.  It might be worth the gas money to pay a little visit to Miss Becky every few weeks and let her clip B's nails from now on!
Becky's daughter Kinsley on the other hand, really seemed to like me.  She would reach her arms up to me and want me to hold her, and we read book after book together amidst all the chaos and chatter going on around us.  Since Bradley's never been much of a snuggler, I was happy to oblidge!
As is typical in child group photos, there wasn't a single one where all 3 were looking, so here's the best that we got- Bradley, age 2, with Becky's two children, Kinsley, age 2, and Kyler, age 1.
The Lens:  Michael Len, Becky Len, and Kinsley Len (the younger two are named after the elder)!
Murray State alums, a few years post-graduation!  Don, Jane, Mom, & Dad
The girls:  Sara, Becky, and me (Laura, we missed you!)
Thanks to the local Minnonites, we dined on delicious chicken pasta and peanut butter pie, along with Corey's mom's layered salad, bread, and homemade lasagna. 
Bradley & Kinsley:  sharing cheerios and kisses!
Group photo, after very little sleep Sunday morning.  (Bradley doesn't do so well sleeping when travelling.... makes for a very tired Bradley, and a very tired mommy!)
Baileys, we love you, and we're glad you live closer now!  We look forward to many more get-togethers in the future.