Thursday, October 28, 2010

My, My My, twice bitten, never shy

Last week there was an "incident" at daycare.  Apparently Bradley tried to take a toy away from one of his friends.  He wouldn't turn loose of it, so his friend hauled off and bit Bradley on the shoulder.  Hard.  There were top and bottom teeth marks to prove it.  I thought it was funny that the daycare director wasn't allowed to say who bit him, but that Bradley told me straight away who the culprit was.

Fast forward to a few days later, I drove straight to Laura & George's Sunday night from Kentucky, meeting everyone else there for dinner.  I was super excited to see Bradley since I hadn't seen him since I dropped him off at daycare on Friday morning.  Also, L&G just rescued a year-old dachshund puppy who needed a good home, so this was our opportunity to meet the little fella, since they just got him on Friday.

You can guess what might come next.  After dinner, we were all sitting around, and Max (the new dog) and Juju were playing on the couch, with several of us sitting close by.  Bradley, playing and standing in front of the couch, reached forward towards the dogs, and in a nanosecond, Max bit Bradley on the hand.  The commotion that followed was epic.  I ran over and scooped up Bradley and rocked him in my lap, and then grabbed his hand to examine it, and was shocked to see blood in several places.  George grabbed Max and put him in his cage, then carried him upstairs.  I rushed Bradley over to the sink where we ran his hand in water, so you've got the dog yelping from his cage upstairs, Bradley crying hysterically downstairs, Laura apologizing profusely (even though I do not blame her for this accident in the slightest) and me, mom, and dad looking at the multiple punctures in B's had trying to determine if he needs stitches while trying to calm and distract Bradley.  It was chaotic to say the least.  I decided better to be safe than sorry, so off to Williamson Medical Center ER we went.

In the back of my mind I always knew I'd be at the ER some day with my little boy, I just didn't think it would happen so soon.  Bradley was the darling of the ER, entertaining everyone with Toy Story quotes, and dancing and talking to everyone.  In the picture below you can see the two places on his hand that were the worst.
We had a really nice nurse named Dinah, and since Bradley has a favorite Kindermusik song called Shiny Dinah, it wasn't hard for him to remember her name.  He charmed all the nurses at the nurse's station by telling them all his nurse's name.  Several hours later, they sent us home with no stitches, but B's hand wrapped up in a splint, and gave us an antibiotic to take to try and prevent his bites from getting infected.  Here's a shot of Bradley on Monday morning with his hand all wrapped up.
He really was very good throughout the ordeal, and I got an unexpected day off work on Monday to look after Bradley, and make sure he kept his hand bandaged.  We went to story time at the library and ran a few errands, and I daydreamed at what it was like being a stay at home mom. 

Now, several days later, the hand is healing just fine.  The fate of the fury biter is TBD, but our little guy is doing great.  How bizarre is it to think he got bit twice in a matter of days, though?  It makes me think of that awful 80's song.

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