Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How funky is your Chicken-Raptor?

I took advantage of the warm weather, and decided to take Bradley to the Ravenwood High School homecoming football game this past Friday night.  This was his first football game of the season, except that when we got in the car to leave, he asked about Braedon & Garrick- his cousins whom he visited in August, when he watched part of Braedon's jamboree football game.  I could not believe Bradley's memory goes that far back, yet when I ask him what he did at daycare today, he can't tell me a thing!

Here's how the football game went: 

1st quarter:  After purchasing dinner from the concession stand, Bradley sat on Grandma's lap and ate cut up hot dog, chips, & popcorn.

First half of 2nd quarter:  He entertained those around us by shouting "Go Raptors" and crawled and climbed from lap to lap.

Second half of 2nd quarter:  Mom and I took Bradley down to watch the band play, and meet the "chicken."  No matter how many times I corrected him, Bradley firmly believed that Ravenwood's mascot was a chicken.  Bradley then ran around, dancing and jumping in circles, gaining the attention of many a high school girl. 
He stood at the fence and watched the older kids play football longingly.

Too wound up to sit still in the bleachers
Mom and Bradley in their Raptors shirts
Halftime:  we made our way back up to the stands by bribing Bradley with fruit snacks when we got there.
3rd quarter:  Bradley climbed from bleacher to bleacher, lap to lap, and I did my best to keep him from eating food crumbs from the stands.  Ravenwood was losing to Emo's alma mater, so we left soon after the 3rd quarter started as it was already past B's bedtime. 
Not a total failure as far as outings go, but it's a good thing Ravenwood was losing and I didn't care about the game, because I cant you a darn thing that happened in the game from keeping track of a two year old!

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