Sunday, October 03, 2010

'Bama with the Baileys

This weekend was spent catching up with old family friends.   Don & Jane were my parents' college friends.  They were in each others' weddings, and have 2 daughters the same age as me and Laura.  In the past several months, we have all wound up in closer proximity to one another, so Becky and Sara orchestrated a surprise visit for their parents' 35th wedding anniversary, and we all convened on Don & Jane's Birmingham, AL house.  I wish I had taken a picture of Jane's face when she opened the door- it was priceless!  She and Don had no idea that we were coming.

The weather was gorgeous, so we let the kids play outside, they played with old toys of Becky and Sara's that I can remember playing with when we were kids, and of course, football was on the agenda.  Them Alabama people take their pigskin mighty seriously!  At least the Tide were playing against Florida, so I had no trouble cheering for Alabama, and against the Gators.  I had never met Becky's husband Corey before, but I can say with certainty that he loves his Alabama football possibly more than I love my Kentucky Wildcat basketball. 

Bradley really liked "Miss Becky."  He sat perfectly still on her lap and let her trim not only his finger nails, but toes too.  I have never ever seen the child sit so still while the dreaded chore is performed.  It might be worth the gas money to pay a little visit to Miss Becky every few weeks and let her clip B's nails from now on!
Becky's daughter Kinsley on the other hand, really seemed to like me.  She would reach her arms up to me and want me to hold her, and we read book after book together amidst all the chaos and chatter going on around us.  Since Bradley's never been much of a snuggler, I was happy to oblidge!
As is typical in child group photos, there wasn't a single one where all 3 were looking, so here's the best that we got- Bradley, age 2, with Becky's two children, Kinsley, age 2, and Kyler, age 1.
The Lens:  Michael Len, Becky Len, and Kinsley Len (the younger two are named after the elder)!
Murray State alums, a few years post-graduation!  Don, Jane, Mom, & Dad
The girls:  Sara, Becky, and me (Laura, we missed you!)
Thanks to the local Minnonites, we dined on delicious chicken pasta and peanut butter pie, along with Corey's mom's layered salad, bread, and homemade lasagna. 
Bradley & Kinsley:  sharing cheerios and kisses!
Group photo, after very little sleep Sunday morning.  (Bradley doesn't do so well sleeping when travelling.... makes for a very tired Bradley, and a very tired mommy!)
Baileys, we love you, and we're glad you live closer now!  We look forward to many more get-togethers in the future. 

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MamaB said...

We had such a great visit and I'm so happy the Bailey girls planned this surprise. We love you all.