Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fun with Frinkles

This working thing's for the birds!  I am too tired at night to do everything I need/want to do after Bradley goes to bed, so my blogging has lacked both in content and in frequency.  My apologies to my two readers.

Getting into the Halloween spirit, Mom & Laura made cupcakes on Saturday, and decorated them with Halloween candy sprinkles.  They left a single cupcake for Bradley to decorate, and I gave them crap about that.  "As much as you two love to cook, and be in the kitchen, and as much as you (mom) love to let Bradley help out in the kitchen, and all you leave him is one measley cupcake to decorate??!!"  Yeah, I came down a little hard on them. 

So we grabbed 2 more scantily sprinkled sweets, and let him decorate a whopping 3 Halloween cupcakes!
Please note the amount of orange and black sprinkles on the table!
Getting a mouthful of "frinkles"... we're having a hard time saying "SP," so we talk a lot about Fiders, Busghetti, and Frinkles these days.

Showing off his messy face, and consequently, his new big-boy hair cut that he got this day.

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MamaB said...

I love "frinkles" and love the excitement on his face when he gets anything with "frinkles" on it!