Monday, November 01, 2010

Big Blue Weekend

Last weekend I took a road trip to my old college town Lex-vegas.  I drove up Friday after work and stayed with Ellen, who was my potluck freshman roommate.  We met up with Stephanie, a friend we met in the dorm our freshman year, and who would later become my roommate senior year at the infamous Sugar Shack.  Stephanie's friend from summer camp counseling together, Camper Anne also made the trip up.  

We met at a Mexican restaurant in town late Friday evening, and reconvened our "Group Therapy" meeting back to Steph's house as we shared relationship stories and cackled over 2 bottles of wine and stayed up til 3am.  Stephanie, ever the consummate hostess had even bought these cute little cocktail napkins for the weekend.  Here's a picture of them, but in case you can't read the text from the photo:
Top 5 Reasons Why Women Drink:
1.  Lying Men
2.  Cheating Men
3.  Insensitive Men
4.  Helpless Men
5.  Lack of Men 

Saturday we met up on campus at UK to tailgate for the Kentucky-Georgia game.  We had a great spot on south campus where we watched girl after girl on her way to the sporting event wearing a blue top, black mini skirt, and tall brown boots.  Oh, and they were carrying wristlets, and carried no jacket.  WTH???

Um, I guess I'm too far removed from college to understand this, but I have a few questions:
1.  Since when did it become acceptable to wear black and brown together
2.  Why did no one tell these poor coeds that it was a chilly night game
3.   Did someone really send out a campus-wide email to let the females all know exactly how they were supposed to dress?  I wish we'd snapped a picture of them coming through in hordes, all dressed alike.

We gave Steph a hard time all night because she chose to wear a hot pink t-shirt, when we were playing the Georgia Bulldogs whose fans were clad in the similar shade of red.  Here's the UK game montage:

The next day was my sorority's Founder's Day.  It was Delta Zeta's 108th birthday, plus The Alpha Theta chapter at Kentucky's 10th year of being on campus since recolonizing the year before I pledged.  It was nice to catch up with some old sorority sisters and reminisce about our days of living in the house together.  We also toured the house and marveled at all the improvements that have been made since our time in college, and we took the customary picture in front of the tree in the front yard of our house.

Rounding out my girls' weekend in Lexington was a day at the races at Keeneland.  The weather was windy but warm.  I only bet on one race, but chose my lucky horse based on two very important factors: The horse's name, Sing a Few Bars, and the color of the jockey number on the horse:  pink.  These 2 factors lead me to believe that this was my lucky horse, going to make me rich.  I placed my $2 bet, and was out $2.  The dumb horse didn't even place!  Oh well.  It was fun for about a minute which is about how long the race lasted.
Thank you to Ellen and Stephanie, my wonderful hosts.  It was a busy weekend, but should definitely be a yearly event.

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Katie said...

Sista, this mixing black and brown trend has reached near epidemic levels. I see it all day at work; not only amongst the students, but yes, also among my colleagues. I find myself saying WTF and one day I almost slipped and donned black and brown together. (Oh wait, that was just the product of poor lighting.)

It sounds like you had a great weekend and I'm sorry that we weren't able to meet up.