Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April Fooled

Yesterday I played one of the greatest April Fool's jokes ever... maybe even better than the time I called my parents collect from college and told them I had been arrested at 1 in the morning... (maybe)

I had my first appointment with my new ob/gyn (Dr. Erin Yu... Love her!!) and afterwards, I called Brian to let him know how everything went. He was in the car with one of his coworkers when I called.
"So how did it go," he asked.
"well," I said slowly, "are you sitting down?"
(obviously he was, since he was in the car, but I had to say this for dramatic effect)
"yeah," he replied.
"Well honey... we're having twins!"

His reaction was priceless!! So much so, that I feared dragging it on too long lest he wreck the car!

"April Fools!!" I shouted gleefully after he asked me if I was serious, and shouting a few choice words.


Natalie said...

That's hilarious. Way to go!

Mary Anna said...

I got punked yesterday too. A friend of mine at work broke the news to me that he was quitting. Except, he isn't. I didn't think it was very funny. ;)

Rhonda Lu said...

Yikes, that was a risky one! I got fooled by my boss's boss!

Mark Kelly Hall said...

NPR did a fake music review on Apr. 1 about a musician who creates one-note "compositions"--one's called "B Flat." I only heard the feedback comments yesterday, where some apparently believed it was a real story. But then, given what actual composers do, it wasn't far-fetched at all. I predicted this kind of music a long time ago--today's joke is tomorrow's Grammy winner.

I made myself vicariously tired last night by watching several episodes of "Jon and Kate plus 8", about the couple who have 2 twins and 6 sextuplets. Too much cute to turn away! But the way the parents interact gives it a balance to keep it from being sickly sweet.

This show should make you feel good about just having one at a time.
(warning: sound comes on this page, and there's no visible way to turn it off--idiot webmaster)