Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wanted: one hot mama

You know how singletons are always lamenting about where he/she is supposed to find Mr./Miss Right if they didn't meet them in college?  It's like all of a sudden you graduate, and your opposite sex population that you come in contact with on a regular basis suddenly becomes limited.  You don't want to meet a person in a bar because that never works out (been there, done that, on more than one occasion), and you certainly don't want to make the mistake of dipping the pen into the company ink (Again, this one sounds all too familiar), so where the heck are you supposed to meet your future soul mate?

Well I'm dealing with a similar issue.

In Florida, I was privileged to be a stay-at-home mom.  The best thing about being a SAHM, next to the obvious fact that you get to be with your child all day, is all the other stay-at-home mom friends you come to know.  Us moms would get together on a regular basis for play dates, Kindermusik class, work-out groups, and coffees, permitting us to sit and talk while the youngsters would play together.  In Florida, I had an abundant supply of mom friends, many who had kids Bradley's age, or others who had older ones that I could bounce developmental questions off of.  But now relocated, and working full time, I have no idea how to go about finding friends for myself and Bradley!

Don't get me wrong- I love spending time with my family and my friends who don't have children, but every now and then it would be great to be able to hang out with someone who understands what I'm going through as a parent, while Bradley gets to work on his social skills with a little play mate simultaneously, too.

Where can these elusive moms be found?  Do I stalk other moms at the park on Saturday morning, sliding up to them by the monkey bars, ask them  if they come here often, and offer to buy them a coffee?  Am I supposed to subject myself to the McDonald's play place and wait for a fellow mom to McInclude me?  Do I turn to (gasp!) internet searching for them?  What's a full-time working, full-time mom to do?  I know there have got to be fellow hot mamas out there just dying to be my friend- I just need to figure out how to find them.


Erin said...

As crazy as it sounds, I have done your "example A" on more than one occasion...., just striking up a conversation with a mom at a park or other play area. Believe it or not, I have walked away 4 different times now with phone numbers and email addresses and now have 4 new friends who have kids about the same age as mine! Good luck!

Kim and Josh said...

I volunteer in the church nursery. Not only are most of the other volunteers moms, but you get to know the kids' moms as they drop off and pick up their kids. It's like a non-creepy way of stalking. :) You should also see if there is a MOPS group in your area... that's the jackpot! Most groups meet during the week, but you never know. Good luck! I would totally be your hot mama friend if I lived closeby!

Amanda Bradley said...

Thank you both for your comments and ideas. So maybe I get to be the crazy lady afetr all and stalk potential mom friends! At least I know I'm not the only one out there doing this :)

Kristen said...

I've met my closest mommy friends through work, but don't forget that you have old classmates here with munchkins, too! If nothing else, you could meet some new "friends of friends" that way :)

The Lowe Trio said...

Amanda I was just looking at your blog and here in Lexington I joined a meetup group called Lexington Playgroup Meetup. I'm sure Nashville has a meetup group for moms in your area. It's been great for me to meet moms and have Ally get more interaction with other kids.