Sunday, September 19, 2010

Having a ball

I do not exaggerate when I say that Bradley loves sports.  He has little use for toys that don't involve throwing and catching balls, and in fact, he turns toys that are not intended to be sports-related into a way to score points or make baskets.  Case in point, Bradley grabbed the cucumber and strawberry from his plastic play food last week, and attempted to play baseball with them.  This week he got some new sheets for his big boy bed, so I snapped a picture of him in his new sports sheets, with his sports pjs on (thanks, aunt Ari- these are the ones you gave him).

Fast forward to Friday night, when we were schooling Bradley in the fine cuisine of Chinese food.  After testing the tasty waters of lo mein noodles, and sweet and sour chicken, B spotted the fortune cookies.  He got a kick out of cracking open the cookie, and taking the paper out.  Not that I put any stock into the fortunes that come of out the cookies, but imagine my surprise when Bradley got this fortune:
Even his fortune cookies are sports-related!!  It's destiny!

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MamaB said...

Yes, I agree--he finds ways to play sports with anything he puts into his hands. We only have lacrosse and rugby left to introduce him to in the world of sports!!! That's why I think sports sheets are perfect for him--he sleeps with baseballs anyway so now he can sleep ON them.