Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Weekend in Pictures

This weekend my aunt Lisa, uncle Jerry, and cousin Ryan were in town along with 6 of their golfing buddies from Cannelton. The guys had a golfing extravaganza hitting 3 different courses here in Music City, while Mom, Lisa, and I filled our weekend with lots of shopping. Of course, being from small town, Indiana, the guys wanted to go out downtown so I took them to Dan McGuiness and On the Rocks on Thursday night, Friday night they hit Bar Nashville and Tootsies, and Saturday we took up residency at the Tin Roof.

I figured pictures would do this weekend more justice than the usual long winded stories. Enjoy!

Here is Jimmy (the owner and bartender of the Infamous Cannelton watering hole, The Pumper) hitting on some locals, wooing them with his orange rubber ducky that he bought at Hooters

This is a guy we passed on I-65 on Friday that had little furry spotted dalmation ears attatched to his motorcycle helmet. We enjoyed a good laugh and I snapped a picture of the guy- he was even nice and waved as he rode past!

Me and my favorite boys from work- Maury and Maaaaark Box at one of my favorite bars in Nashville- Tootsies. The place was packed, so we enjoyed the music outside on the patio. Liser and I made up motions to go along with Fishin' in the Dark. Good times.

The Super-Finger. (Thanks Dane Cook!)

Shenannigan's!!! Uncle Jerry, Mom, and my aunt Lisa at the table at the Tin Roof Saturday night. Every time we toasted throughout the evening we raised our glasses and shouted "Shennanigan's!!!" It's apparently from the movie "Waiting." PS- the Tin Roof has awesome food! I highly recommend the buffalo chicken strips, and their chips & salsa were really good as well. We went early to get a table and lucked out getting the huge one in the front of the place so that our entire group (which ended up being 17 people) could sit together.
The return of the Super-Finger. Ari demonstrates as Mom & Lisa struggle to imitate the gesture

Me and Maury pose for a picture before heading out to the dancefloor to enjoy the music of Henry & the Seahawks- it was indeed a Tennesseahawk Saturday night!

Me, Ang, Ari, & Bart

It was seriously a really fun weekend- of course taking a vacation day on Friday to go shopping with mom and Lisa certainly helped start things out right! The family and friends had fun, and even Momma and Daddy B enjoyed themselves at the Tin Roof. And here's a weird thought I'll leave you with: I left the Roof before my mom did last night- what gives???


Anonymous said...

i'm still bummed we didn't get your dad to dance more!

MamaB said...

Shenanigans!! I can't believe I stayed at the "roof" longer than you--it must have been that green tea pill that gave me all my energy--that and hollering "shenanigans" a million times.

Jimmy said...

I'm glad we had the chance to spend some time in your world.Looking forward to going back next year.Thanks for your hospitality.

Lisa said...

I had a great time partying in Nashville with my fun relatives!!
I heard though that the new bar stools in the Pumper were lonely without us!!!

Lisa T. said...

i'm just saying...that's a cute pic of you and Maury!

Mary Anna said...

Is it just me, or is Maury wearing a puffy shirt?