Sunday, April 16, 2006

divas descending deep in the heart of texas

They say the friends you make in college are the friends you keep forever.

So far that's been true for me, as is evident by the latest installment of the DIVA 06 convention. Thursday night Ari and I flew down to Houston (that's pronounced yoo-ston if you're going to be one of those uppity people who drop their H's to sound intelligent. Don't ask me. Somehow these people exist, and presume to be more intellectual by Not pronouncing existing consonants). We went to visit Conley on our long Easter weekend and attend her Masters voice recital on Saturday evening.
We did the fun girly thing; me, Conley, Ari, & Danielle all went and got pedicures. I was also able to get my Chuy's fix- this awesome Tex-Mex restaurant the Houstonians introduced us to the last time we were down there a year ago.
Conley's family was also in town from Kentucky, so pretty much the only thing you can do with 7 or 8 people is to eat-so needless to say, we ate A LOT. The day's activities were planned around where we were eating and when! A quirky place we went on Saturday was called the Hobbit Cafe, where the menu items are named after Tolkien characters, and we ate outdoors under the partial shade of huge trees overhanging the eating area. I say only partial shade because Ariana's shoulders are a lovely rose-colored hue now after this lengthy dining experience. I did also manage to get a TAR moment while waiting to be seated- Ari gets full marks for spotting it and alerting me to pull out the camera, and I get full marks for literally running through the parking lot to chase him down and snap his picture to document the unfortunate incident for all the world to see.
Conley of course sang beautifully and looked every bit the part of the DIVA that she is. I made sure to get a picture afterwards with all the fellow UK grads who have taken over Rice University and I just so happened to be standing next to Norman Rheinhart- a grad student that was at UK when I was, who I just happened to have the hugest crush on. So yes, I wanted this picture for posterity's sake, but for selfish reasons also I made sure I was next to Norman in this picture so that later on if I "happened" to get a hold of any photo editing tools and just "happened" to crop out everyone else in the picture that I might have a glimpse of what it might be like for Norman to know that I am alive and highly dateable.
Of course I am only halfway kidding :o) (Trust me, if you heard his gorgeous tenor voice you'd probably be saying the same thing and I'd be fighting you over him!)
So the recital went beautifully, we did what we do best afterwards- ate- and then us gals got to bed around midnight only to be woken up by our alarms at 4am. Conley and Danielle had 3 church services a piece to sing in for Easter Sunday and Ari and I had an early flight to catch. It was a wonderful visit although they are never long enough it seems. I am just glad we have still been able to remain so close and pick up right where we left off the last time.

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O Carbs, that sounds like a great weekend...