Thursday, April 20, 2006

Practicing American Idolatry

So I had a watershed moment on Tuesday night. I finally caved in and voted for American idol. Slowly but surely I have been sucked into this addicting show this season because I would come into work every day when it first started and people would talk about it with great enthusiasm and strong opinions. Well I am highly opinionated, I thought. I like music. So why shouldn't I be watching this TV show? Plus Mary Anna showed us a video on YouTube of Ace singing father Figure and I knew I was hooked.

(Sidenote: Ace unfortunately peaked at Father Figure and has continually gone down hill ever since... from the cheesy gesturing to his scar during one performance, the predictable come-hither stare at the end of every song, and the bodyguard-gone-wrong get-up complete with a nasty slicked-back bun he donned on Tuesday night, our pretty boy has finally made his grand exeunt.)

So up until now I have remained a quiet spectator, and like many of you (especially the Nashvillians) I was outraged when Mandisa went home a few weeks ago (Come ON! You can't tell me that Bucky was a better performer!), so I worked up the courage to actually let my voice be heard and take the time to vote. Now I know that my piddley 5 or so votes may not have been enough to help out my favorite contestant, but at least I feel justified now in complaining when he was in the bottom 3.

Reality TV is anything BUT because there is no way that Chris should have been in the bottom 2. He has an incredible voice and I know that many others agree. Yet somehow I am still sucked into this show, even though I know they are toying with my mind and setting up the scenes for added shock value, forcing me to continue watching... will Elliot redeem himself after a good but somewhat lackluster performance? Will Kellie say something stupid and airhead-ish? (no need to watch for this answer) Will Chris go home next week or won't he? Guess we'll just have to stay tuned!

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