Monday, January 30, 2006

Resolving to keep resolutions

It's the last day of January. Where are you with your new year's resolutions? Right now I'm aiming to pull the biggest comeback ever

Resolutions: 10
Amanda: 0

Well- okay- maybe I get .5 points for my daily german phrase calendar at work.

New unofficial resolution- get more sleep so that I can get up early to do my quiet time and get to work early too. I wish I were one of those people who could function on 6 hours of sleep every night, but I'm just not. I keep trying to convince my body otherwise and my body keeps ignoring my good intentions of setting the alarm early every morning. Somehow 7 more minutes which turns into 21 more minutes or 35 more minutes on the snooze button seems like a good idea when you're half asleep.

Peace Out. N-town.


Anonymous said...

maybe we should all resolve to not make any resolutions and then we won't have anything to feel like failures about. honestly, that could just make the world a happier place.

Mary Anna said...

You make a very valid point, Ari. I used to say the same thing but then I began to realize I had become complacent in growing as a person.

However, I think it's good to set goals for oneself and sometimes doing so at a "beginning," like a New Year, can motivate us to follow through.

While Amanda, nor myself, won't keep all of her resolutions, she (and I) might keep at least one that changes the way we live.

By the way Ari, how are you anyway? It's been FOR-EV-ER!

Mark Kelly Hall said...

You could do what some comedian said he does: Make a list and include some things you've already accomplished...then cross 'em off your list!

Here's part of mine--crossed off:

1. Avoid eating sushi (I hate sushi)
2. Avoid being a slave to the clock (I'm late a lot--considering my at-work time of 7am is wake up time, at best, for my constitution, I'm ahead of the game nearly every day)
3. Keep eating, sleeping and breathing all the way through January (so far, so good!)
4. Avoid watching movies featuring gay cowboys (not a problem; I think I can make this a life goal and still consider it crossed off)
5. Resist all the persuasive arguments that exist to become a Scientologist ( has been a big help so far, as well as I have trouble believing that Vinny Barbarino could lead anyone astray)

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jillymae said...

who needs resolutions? as we all learned at Kairos tonight, God's gonna put the smackdown on ya if you're not payin attention. He tends to "get up in yo grill" as Mike would say.