Tuesday, September 20, 2005

a Rootin' Tootin' good blog

This past Saturday we drove up to Indiana to visit family. While in the car, we amused ourselves by looking at the Ravenwood High School football program. Laura and I would point out players and comment on them, and then Mom would give us the scoop on that player. Towards the back of the program are all the ads taken out by parents and local businesses. One particular ad that I came across was from one local establishment that said "Go Raptors. We're Routin' for you."

"You're Routin for them?" I said outloud incredulously. "They totally mis-spelled that word," I followed. What ensued next was a heated debate. Should it be "rootin" as I claim, or "Routin" as was printed in the program? My evidence backing up my opinion is that you go boot scootin, not Bout Scoutin. And it's Boy Scouts, not Boy Scoots.

My friend Tadd has long since has his own ongoing argument about the spelling of certain words with the "ooh" sound. He claims that Toults should be the correct spelling for the word that rhymes with Foot. I think it should be Toots. Tadd's quarrel is that Toots spelled like that is actually the word that rhymes with Boots. It's a neverending debate, so I open up the floor to you the devoted readers.

Is it Routin or Rootin?
Toots or Toults?

And none of this diplomatic, well I can see it either way. Take a stand and make a commitment.


Anonymous said...

I "root" for the home team. So when cheering for them (or "cheerin', if your like), I'm "rootin'" for them.

Rout - that's if I were to beat them soundly. So I of course would not want to be "routin'" them...

As for Toults/Toots: There's a restaurant in M'boro called Toot's (as in Boots) - if "toults" is intended to be the spelling for the could-be-directed-at-a-girl-in-a-fun-and-or-derogatory-way ... huh.

I'm guessing that a made-up word as a derivative from "Tootsie" (clearly NOT "Bootsie") can be spelled any way we want... because that's my guess as to its origin.

And I don't have a problem with them being spelled alike and meaning two completely different things (and even pronounced differently)... we don't have that problem with:

Wind (that blows)
Wind (what you do to a watch)

Bow (a pink one in a UK girl's hair, for example)
Bow (front of a ship)

Well (I feel fine, thanks)
Well (as in "What, Lassie, what is it girl... Timmy fell into the...)

Mine (possessive)
Mine (get gold from)

Tear (to rip)
Tear (salty liquid that discharges from optic sensors)

So, bottom line, I'm fine with "toots" being a homograph.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Tadd said...

Wow...what a comment, E! Who are you? I have actually thought about all of that, but never had theinclination to type it all out. Fine job.

I'm going to have to agree with you Amanda. It should be Rootin'. I'm also going to have to agree with Tadd on Toults. What a smart guy!

Tadd said...

"theinclination" is a new contraction that I made up...except there are no letters missing and no apostrophes. It's kind of like in German when they combine two words into one. Call me crazy, but I think it just might catch on.

Anonymous said...

Well, Tadd, I'm merely a kid outside a pink candy store, pressed up against the glass, trying to get in... that's all...

*tap tap tap*... *tap tap tap*...