Thursday, September 22, 2005

it makes me wanna STOMP

It was a fun-filled evening with the girls plus Bart Wednesday night. Me, Emily, Rhonda, Mary Anna, Angela, Ari and Bart went to TPAC to see STOMP. This show has been hyped for a long time so I decided it would be worth the money. And it was incredible- the rhythms they put together using random objects was definitely cool. But the 2 hour show with no intermission was not so cool. I could have used a break to stretch my legs. At one point I even fell asleep (I am Such my Mother's daughter) but there's only so much continual beats a girl can take before they all start running together and begin to bore. Also not cool were the kids in the row behind me that had some sort of severe sniffling allergies that forced a grotesque snorting sound every so often, and their constant distracting chatter. I could have done without that. But the evening had some high points.
There was a really cool scene they did with bouncing basketballs, and of course the cliche broom set that they did to open the show was fantastic. Also, Mary Anna actually followed a guy with a mohak for a potential TAR blog, so that was hysterical, but is it wrong that I was more excited about dinner at Baja Burrito than I was to go see Stomp?

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