Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Exsqueeze me?

We had a moment in the Penthouse last night, and I thought I'd share. We're gearing up for our Florida trip this weekend, and last night Emily was talking to Rhonda. She told Rhonda that she got directions from Ann Wade, but that's not what Rhonda heard. I was in another room, and I heard what Rhonda heard, and that is that Emily got Erections.
"What did you say," Rhonda asked? Emily repeated herself.
"OHHH- that's NOT what I thought you said!" Me, still in another room came busting in and said,
"WHAT did you say?" Because I seriously heard "erections" both times she said it! So the wires were crossed, and then uncrossed, but by then we had taken it and run with it.
*I need to get erections myself to my aunt's house in Birmingham
*I'll get erections tomorrow online at work
*We need erections before we head out of town
...and my favorite...
*Guys never stop to ask for Erections


jillymae said...

Baking Powder? ;)

you guys have waaaaaay too much fun to be roommates.

Anonymous said...

*nervous all of a sudden at reading future posts by Amanda*

-Single Man-