Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Principality of Celestial Space

Holy Crap- why has this movie not gotten more hype than it has?? I saw this with Ari last night- and she has got to be the biggest Orlando Bloom fan ever, and I dare say this film did not disapoint for even the casual admirer like myself. It was sort of a "Robin Hood Prince of Thieves" meets "Gladiator" meets "Troy," but in a good way. The film had incredible fight scenes- especially moments with that cool effect where they slow things down and then speed them up very quickly to catch up to "real time." Orlando Bloom made for some good eye candy, but it was done very tastefully with brooding, pensive looks from his scruffy face rather than Brad Pitt's superfluous bare chested scenes in "Troy" (not that I would ever, EVER complain about seeing Brad Pitt's chest... it's just that it was such obvious overkill in that movie to portray him as a Hellenistic Beefcake.) The movie spoke deeply about religious tolerence, the dilema of doing a little evil to do even more good, and telling the truth and living a virtuous life, even if it leads to ones own death. A great line of the film happened when the army was riding into battle. "If you go to battle, you are going into certain death," Orlando Bloom's character told another. "All death is certain" that other man said as he proceeded to ride on. (Oooh- that's deep!) Point is, this movie has not gotten enough credit in the box office, but Bradley and Bryant give it 2 Thumbs Up.


Anonymous said...

being mentioned in the blog, i feel it necessary to add my dual change. i may or may not be the biggest orlando bloom fan ever, i'm simply a great admirer of the beautiful work God has created. as for the movie...wow, what a battle. a very reflective (and inclusive) look at the crusades and what all was done to prevent/provoke them. very interesting and highly well done. two very enthusiastic thumbs up. so, why on earth are you still reading this comment when you could be watching this movie?

Anonymous said...

Why did you not mention the title of this wonderful movie? Kingdom of Heaven.