Thursday, May 26, 2005

a disapointing lunch

You know those gorgeous days on the brink of summer where you simply do not want to be at work? No matter how hard you try you just cannot get motivated to do anything productive? Yeeeaaahhhh… it’s definitely one of those days.

Plus I’m bummed- we were supposed to go eat at Logan’s in Laura’s section and they were too busy when we got there. A hostess had JUST sat Laura’s last open table when we got there, and there was no hope of getting sat in her section any time soon, so we had to go elsewhere and beg for our lunch. Well not really- we just went to Maniac’s had had some über-good chicken. But I was SO looking forward to Logan’s… and the warm, buttery rolls.

Sometimes you just get into this mindset of what you’re going to order at a certain restaurant and for whatever reason, plans change, you go some place else, and no matter what you order, it’s never as good as what you had in mind from the originally planned eating establishment.

This happened to Heather and I once back in the day, and it is a tragic story that ended happily which we Still laugh about. She and I were dating 2 guys named Ben & Ken (yes, I know how funny their rhyming names are), and we had a day off from school and the 4 of us were supposed to meet at Ben’s house and go to lunch at Red Lobster. I know it’s for the seafood lover in you, but I was rather fond of their cheesy rolls and their chicken tenders- not to mention this Amazing 7 layer chocolate cake-mmmm…. Where was I? Lunch.

Ok. So we get to Ben’s and Surprise- the guys have decided to change our plans and cook for us instead! Yes, I realize it was a sweet gesture, especially for a bunch of 16-year-olds, but Heather and I exchanged dismal glances at each other because we were really looking forward to Red Lobster! We tried to feign our disappointment- with me succeeding far better than her- as we nibbled on the most tasteless lemon pepper chicken and potatoes I have ever eaten. Heather and I spent the afternoon with the guys, and then on the way home stopped off at Ruby Tuesday’s and had some “real food” to fill our unsatisfied stomachs! To this day the guys still do not know this Behind the Music story, and it’s one of Heather’s and my favorite stories to re-tell.

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Mark Kelly Hall said...

Just keep this story in mind if you ever find Burger King wrappers under the seat after fixing your husband an "experimental" dish....

And are you sure you "feigned" your disappointment (I wouldn't point it out if you weren't the wordsmith)?