Friday, February 25, 2005

24 going on 34 and the weekend preview

I feel like a frumpy middle-aged woman today sitting here at my desk drinking a Diet Doctor Pepper complete with lipstick markings on the can. I feel like should be driving a minivan or something. And I’ve never even drunk a diet doctor pepper before but somehow it just seemed right today. I also had 2 cups of coffee this morning. What has happened to me?? Not so very long ago I was living a carefree life with very little responsibility and I didn’t fully appreciate it until I was trapped in the Real World. No, not the one where 7 strangers are picked to live in a house and have their lives taped (MJ from Nashville is an idiot by the way- he’s on the Real World Philly), but the one where I sit at a desk for 8 hours a day and do something I hate, listening to music on my computer, and checking my yahoo home page every 15 minutes to see what new headline has popped up. (See? This is why those comments on the blog are important- it gives me something new to read and ponder while I check my email for the hundredth time.)

I’m excited about the possibilities of this weekend. Some after-work drinks are a possibility, as is a UK game viewing party at Chateau Bradley (all Nashvillians are welcome- just give me a buzz), perhaps some dancing, maybe a little Tin-Roofing it… who knows. We are just That Crazy. And spontaneous. (Hey- I’m working on it.)

I’m actually excited to go to church on Sunday. I haven’t been in about a month and I have really missed it. Aside from feeling disconnected with all of the people there, I have really missed Mike’s preaching, missed worshipping with other believers, and missed the music. I did go to church with James and his family last weekend, and as glad as I was to be there, it made me miss BBC even more! Everyone has already made plans to go to Green Hills Grille after service on Sunday, and Rhonda is trying to convince me to go to get some of the Pure Fried Goodness that they only serve on Sundays. We shall see.

In other Penthouse News, Rhonda Lu got a funny wake-up call this morning. Em and I were talking this morning- Em in the hall outside her room, and me standing inside my room, when Rhonda finally decided to get out of bed. Well I’m sorry- but she just looked completely not awake and totally disheveled! (Not like I’m ever like that At All… Nope) So Emily chimes a chipper "Good morning Sunshine," to her. I think we may have gotten a grumble back from Rhonda before she shut the bathroom door (remember to think happy thoughts and flush twice!) so I started serenading her with a dapper "You Are My Sunshine" outside the door. I think she was amused. Em and I were nonetheless. What a fun way to start out a Friday!

But now it’s almost lunchtime and I’m getting ready to try out this all-chicken place called Maniac’s with Ari and Angela. Go ahead. You know you’re singing the song.

"She’s a maaaaaaa-niac. Maaaaaaaa-niac on the floor. And she’s dancin’ like she’s never danced before."

I’ll let you know how it is. Till then: so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen goodbye.


jillymae said...

you know it's a little scary that you know how to spell auf Weider how ever you spell it ;)

also, i did notice something new about the blog, being the investigative type i am...what's with the little *asterisks by some of the names of the blogs you read? do tell...

Audrey said...

Whenever I have those impending adulthood moments like you had this morning, I just like to remind myself that I'm not actually a *real* adult yet. It makes me feel better knowing that I can still have crazy Friday nights with the girls. Green Hills Grille fruit tea sounds fabu right now!

Amanda said...

Jill, I took German for several years... and the asterisks are to denote those blogs that are more "active."

jillymae said...

p.s. emmy sue...i can totally relate to the week when you blew up and had hives now! i don't have hives, but the right side of my jaw has swollen up (it's not a tumor) for no apparent reason. eeerrrrgggghhhh!!!!

emilyb said...

Girl, I feel your pain! I've been having nightmares about allergic reactions (although it's been several nights since I've had one...somebody knock on some wood!)...I'm scarred for life! I hope you figure it out - FYI...stay away from Viagra Strawberries. They're dangerous!