Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Happy Obese Day-After-Monday!

Is it a cruel joke that Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of Lent this year? Anyone who gives up chocolate is up a creek come next Monday. Speaking of chocolate- has anyone else seen the movie "Chocolat"? It’s a wonderful film- and takes place in France, so Emmy Sue, you would probably love it. And Ari, Johnny Depp is in it, so I know you’re a fan. And Rhonda, you love chocolate, so this film is for you! It was nominated for several Academies, including Best Picture, although it was eventually beat out by "Gladiator." Darn that Russell Crowe. Anyways- make sure you have a supply of chocolate with you when you watch the movie because you will crave it like no other afterwards! I speak from experience.

Back to Mardi Gras though, I think we gals are celebrating it in a non-traditional sort of way this year: a sob-fest! Yes, that’s right, "The Notebook" comes out on DVD today. Anyone that watches this movie and doesn’t shed a tear has no heart. It’s seriously one of the most gut-wrenching movies I’ve ever seen- right up there with "Life is Beautiful" and "Legends of the Fall." Rhonda and I have a bet going to see who’ll go through the most Kleenex while watching this movie again. I’m curious to see if we’ll cry more or less the second time around. I know you guys out there are wondering why we girls put ourselves through that. Why in the world would we want to make ourselves cry? I can’t explain it, other then sometimes you just need to have a good cry to make you feel better. "The Notebook" is a wonderful love story though, and so of course the romantics at heart can truly appreciate the whole “love-conquers-all theme,” even though this story is So Hollywood that’s it’s not even funny. (funny ha ha that is)

If basketball is more your style of celebration tonight, you can watch the #5 ranked Kentucky Wildcats take on the Florida Gators at home. It should be an intense game as Florida just beat a ranked Alabama team last week, and the student crowd hates Florida player Matt Walsh. If you listen closely you will probably hear a number of entertaining jeers and boos directed towards him. It got so bad one year that our athletics director felt the need to write Walsh a letter of apology based on the way the students treated him during the game. (What a baby, huh?)

Well, work is calling my name, so I guess this is all for now. I’ll let Rhonda Lu share her “resident genius” idea about combining the Penthouse Pets with the Bachelorette. Oh it’s brilliant. You’re gonna want to get in on the ground floor on this one. Also, one quick shout-out to Emmy Sue who has been laid up for a few days with some crazy allergic reaction. Em, we miss you at the apt, and hope that you feel better soon. I’m sure Momma Borders is taking good care of you. We’ll see you tonight at the sobfest.

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Tadd said...

I once nicknamed a rather large girl Fat Tuesday. That was pretty mean of me I guess.