Thursday, February 10, 2005

deep thoughts by a.l. bradley

I've been in a thoughtful mood these past 2 days- just reflecting on my own life and personality and how that fits in with others. Jill and I talked once about how I am am excellent listener, and can always point the conversation towards the other person. This usually has to do with my hatred for silence in conversations (hence my trademark sighs) and my natural ability to be a facilitator as James calls it. I?m good at asking questions and keeping the conversation going, and am usually genuinely interested in whatever the other person has to say. I will say that I do suffer from short-term memory loss though, so I sometimes forget entire conversations that I?ve had. You might have to refresh my memory about a story you told me- that one time, in band camp?. Wait a minute- what was I talking about? See? Short term memory problems! Anyways, in college I took COM 252 (interpersonal communications) for a requirement. It was a great class, and one of the best things I took from that class was doing an exercise called the Johari Window. You took this questionnaire of 20 questions, and marked point values 0-5 on how you would respond to each situation. Then afterwards you plotted your answers on a graph that was divided into 4 quadrants. The 4 quadrants (Open, Blind, Hidden, and Unknown) were aspects of how well you knew yourself, and how well you allowed others to know you. Obviously, the more Open you are, the less Unknown there is about yourself, and having a large Hidden quadrant means that there isn?t a large Blind section, meaning you know yourself well, but choose not to let others know you. I?ve included a link to this assessment in case you?re bored and intrigued.

The results of this questionnaire always bothered me, and I continue to come back to those when going through these periods of self-discovery that I go through from time to time. Call it a quarter-life crisis, the winter blahs, or being bored to tears at work, but life has got me thinking. Or the weather. Seriously. (Oh REALLY??) Can we get a little sunshine here? One or two days in a row would be great. If April is the cruelest month, then February is definitely the most dreary month of all I think. I?m sure T.S. Eliot would agree with me. What is it with writers and going by their initials anyways? T.S. Eliot? e.e. cummings? Could I declare myself a great writer and become a.l. bradley? a.l. bradley, the great 21st century blogger? It has a nice ring to it, don?t you think?

Anyways- Amanda had a hot date with Brad and Ron last night- that?s right- 2 guys at the same time. (Is that what you?d do with a million dollars, Holt?) (Office Space anyone?) Rhonda hung out with Brad and Holt, and I had some good conversations with Ron and Holt. (The Shoes? OH REALLY?) Thanks for the ice cream Amanda- it was delish, and was a much-needed comfort food! Next on the agenda: The Amandas take on Nashvegas, and Rhonda limits herself to one male companion for a Friday night out. Get excited. The weekend is near.

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so where's the link? i am not bored, but definitely intrigued =)