Monday, February 28, 2005

to be thirteen and other tales from Saturday

So are you the reader enjoying these abbreviated blogs? I’ve put them in little snippets in chronological order rather than posting one big massive weekend blog, so I hope this keeps you interested longer. I know those big long paragraphs can be intimidating. I found out that one of my mom’s best friends reads the divadomain on a regular basis (cool) but that my sister and her better half don’t ("uh-uh. Not Cool."). What gives? Well anyways, now we’re onto Saturday.

Ari and I met at my house to watch the Wildcats handily beat ranked Alabama at Alabama. We started out rough, and none of us were sure that we were going to still be sitting on the coach watching the game before it was over. But then Patrick Sparks became my hero and knocked down 7 3-pointers, 5 of them in the second half alone. The kid could do no wrong and was making these insane shots from way beyond the arc. This put me in a great mood of course. Plus it was Saturday and sunny and 60 degrees or so. These are the days that make me happy to be a Tennessean. I talked to Amanda Holt the day before, who was spending the weekend in the Cape, where they were expecting 10 inches of snow or something crazy like that. Now don’t me wrong- I love snow, but I’ll take the spring-like weather in February any day of the week.

After the game Casey-Michael stopped by the house on his bike. (Casey just also happens to be the son of our family friend who reads the blog, for your own point of reference). Casey is 13 but seems so much younger than I was at that age. When I was 13 I was sooo grown up- at least I thought I was! He proceeded to tell us all about how the girl he likes just broke up with another guy. So what does that mean nowadays to go out with somebody I asked Casey. Do they actually go anywhere? (sidenote. In middle school my parents always thought it was soooo funny to ask me "Where ‘ya goin?" When I said I was "Going with" so-and-so. It used to drive me crazy. Of course we didn’t actually GO anywhere, but that’s just what we called it. I would swear to never do something like that to my kids someday, but I know myself too well) So Casey proceeded to tell us that this particular girl and now-ex kissed under the stairs at her house. That’s what 13-year-old couples do these days we learned. Casey also said that this same girl kissed another guy in front of him and he didn’t even care. Why not, we asked him? Deal with it he responded. This was his snippy remark after everything. Deal with it. Must be another 13-year-old thing. Our young Romeo did say that he was going to ask out said strumpet to go to a movie- that’s way more than any 13-year-old I ever knew would do, so I was impressed. I’ll let you know how the teenage melodrama turns out.

So since Friday night was the girls night IN, Saturday turned into the Girls Night Out. The Penthouse became the gathering spot as we settled on the Tin Roof to get rusted. I was peeved because the weekend cover had gone up from 3 to 4 dollars, plus the music was terrible until 12 or 12:30. And I cannot discuss the woman violently dancing to Rocky Top that was bent over slapping her legs on beats one and three… her friends were nearby so all we could do was to exchange wide-eyed looks at one another on the dance floor. I am not going to lie. We’re all friends here. I enjoyed myself a little too much Saturday night, to the point where Sunday morning came and went, and I was still in bed. At 11:45 I woke up horrified as I immediately came to the realization that I had missed church. Truly I was sad and disappointed. I broke the rule I have for myself that says I can go out on Saturday nights as long as it doesn’t interfere with me getting up for Church on Sunday morning. Plus, and I swear it was only an afterthought- I was going to miss Green Hills Grille and the Pure Fried Goodness! So I moped around the house and talked on the phone before sulking over to the house to lounge around with the fam all day, and didn’t come back to the apt till after the Ooscars last night. An uneventful end to an eventful weekend for sure.


jillymae said...

*gasp* amanda? breaking her own rulz? and this is twice in one week!!! (the actual spontaneity, loved it! you're gettin there) ;) what's the world coming to?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving me an update on my son. : ) There is never a dull moment.