Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Moguls, Moguls, everywhere

Not much to rant and rave about today. Sorry to disappoint. I am in mourning over that embarrassing loss last night by the Cats to South Carolina. I can't even discuss it. Ari and I actually turned off the TV and caught up on life instead, which turned out to be the much better option for the evening.
Ari, Angela, and I just got back from I am hereby referring to as a Triple A Lunch. We laughed to the point where I came very close to spitting water out of my mouth and/or nose and stuffed ourselves with yummy pizza. It's fun to see how many movie quotes one can work into a single lunch hour. Oh and btw Em, that pizza really hit the spot- just thought you'd like to know!
So I have been toying with the notion lately of updating The List. You know, the infamous group of words I either love to use or love to hate. My current irritation is with the word "Mogul." If you read news and entertainment stories online this word is everywhere. Mary Kate and Ashley are Teen Moguls. P-Diddy is the epitome of a Music Mogul, and as of today, Jon Stewart is apparently a TV Comedy Mogul. I swear I have seen that word in print at least once a day. It's like the word mogul has become a bandwagon vocabulary phenom and anyone who's anyone is now considered a mogul. (I have to wonder then, can I call myself a blogging mogul? The answer is an adamant No! You can't call yourself anything- that's just lame. It's the same as how you don't refer to yourself as your own nickname. Someone else has to do it. So feel free to call me your resident blogging mogul, because I'm not about to do it.) But seriously, doesn't anyone remember the days when moguls were the little hills in the woods you skied down? Start paying attention. Moguls are taking over the world.

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Anonymous said...

so, do you think there is any correlation between being a mogul and a muggle? ~ari