Friday, February 25, 2005

Rhonda Lu Maureen Walsh McConaughey

Hi everyone! I know it's been AGES since I (Rhonda) posted. But now, I have a moment and I feel compelled to share some excitingly fantabulous news with everyone. The love of my life has finally come to Nashville to find me. We plan to ride off into the sunset together, in an Airstream trailer. (From my 4th favorite Nashvillian, Brad "Brad About You" Schmitt of the Tennessean newspaper....)

"Wa-hoooo! Party in the campground!"

If you're traveling around town today and you think to yourself, ''Hey, that looks like Matthew McConaughey in an Airstream trailer,'' you might be right.
Yes, Nashville is a town of celebrities, but even here in star-heavy Music City USA, it's still a rare sight to see a Hollywood A-lister tooling around in a trailer.
Matthew is promoting his new movie, Sahara, which opens April 8, by traveling around the country. No, the movie has nothing to do with trailers. It's about treasure hunting in West Africa, a decidedly un-trailer-friendly region.
Matthew owns a trailer, ya see, and he's chosen to travel around the country on it to talk to local reporters and other folks to promote Sahara.
And yes, he actually stays on it. Matthew will send his driver to a hotel tonight while he sleeps in the trailer, parked somewhere in Nashville.
Then he's off to Washington, D.C., tomorrow morning to do more press and sleep in his trailer again.


Amanda said...

What happened to Rhonda Lu Maureen Walsh RONDO??? I thought we were both going to marry UK basketball players!? (Maybe then I'd be able to get tickets to a game)

Amanda said...

ps. who are your first 3 favorite Nashvillians? 1. Me 2. Emily 3. ? and then 4. Brad... is this one of things where we fight over who's first- kind of like the "I'd save one of my roommates in the event of a fire??"

Rhonda Lu said...

3. Ranger Bob

Amanda said...

AH-HAH! So I AM number one!