Wednesday, February 02, 2005

(groundhog day)

Wednesday, February 2. Hump Day. My friend Bethany's birthday. Groundhog Day. (Have you ever seen a groundhog or a picture of one? They're huge! I thought they were about the size of a gopher or a mole, but heck no- those critters are a little bigger than those enormous bunnies with the long ears. I wonder how long I can keep this parenthetical reference about groundhogs going? Hmm... I saw this picture today of Punxsutawney Phil where he was biting the trainer holding him- very amusing actually. Probably the highlight of my day thus far. Is that sad or what? I am sad for myself. And you know what? I'm not wearing pink today- it just goes to show that my theory on a person wearing their favorite color to put them in a good mood works. I've been anxious to get out of here since the moment I walked in this morning. See what I do for you? I put myself out there as a Science experiement of sorts! "But Amanda," you might say, "if wearing pink always puts you in a good mood, then why not wear it every day?" Ok, I'm not obsessed, that's why. Now the weirdo on VH1's Totally Obsessed? The one whose vacuum cleaner was even pink- the one whose headboard in her bedroom was rosey-hued- the one who dyed her poor fluffy white dog a nice shade of bubblegum? Now THAT is obsessed. I rest my case. I just realized this conversation very quickly turned to pink when we were supposed to be going on about Punxsutawney Phil and Groundhog Day, thereby necessitating the continuation of the parenthetical text. Is it still legit? I think so. I had a point when I started writing this thing. But the thought escaps me. Oh well. He saw his shadow by the way. 6 more weeks of winter.)


Tadd said...

Amanda, I must say that it was an absolute delight to read the name Punxsutawney Phil. I really "laughed out loud". I hadn't heard that name in years. What kind of a name is that, anyway? Poor little (or not so little according to you) groundhog. You should check your comment on my blog because I posted a response to your comment. Over and out.

Adam said...

As a former Pennsylvanian, I am quite pleased to see that you spelled Punxsutwaney Phil's hometown correctly! That fat, ugly, oversized rat.

Mark Kelly Hall said...

Obsessed with pink? Well, OK, if you don't want to use the word. How about "fascinated?"

And when you say you hate "Groundhog Day" the movie, I assume you're expressing your gut reaction to Bill Murray (understandable) and not giving a measured opinion on the film itself, which I personally think is brilliant.

My negative gut reaction is to Chris Elliott who plays the cameraman. I've never thought he was funny, even though I've seen him in funny things going back to Letterman. Still well-cast.

That is my humble and correct opinion.

RAAAGER said...

Has anyone ever stopped to consider that if the groundhog does or does not see his shadow that it is still the same forecast? Six more weeks of winter and an early spring are actually almost the same. The first day of spring is aprox. 6 1/2 weeks after Groundhog Day, hmmmm this means Ol Phil is NEVER wrong. Maybe Bill Hall and a few other "weather dudes" should take a lesson :-)

jillymae said...

your "facination" with pink must be rubbing off on other people because i actually wore a fuchia scub top the other day. imagine that! :o