Friday, February 11, 2005

Looking at the World Through Rose Colored Glasses

So I know I said yesterday how much I dislike the month of February… but there is one teeny, tiny exception: Valentine’s Day. Now I’m not one of those girls who a) blows the Hallmark holiday out of proportion and expects great things from the guy she’s with (this could be because I haven’t had a special someone for Valentine’s day since I was a senior in high school…hmm…) or b) gets all depressed because she is single and has no one to buy gooshy cards for. (sidestory: as some of you know, my parents were middle-school sweethearts, and my dad was my mom’s first kiss. The word “gooshy” comes from how mom described the aforementioned first kiss to her friend Shelly. It was gooshy, she said. Unfortunately for dad, I think that comment got back to him!)

Last year, we had an awesome girls’ night out and had a dinner party over at Katie’s. We got all dressed up, had a delectable meal complete with chocolate covered strawberries for desert, and then sipped chocolate martinis down at Chitown (which is no longer in existence, may it rest in peace). This year Valentine’s day (or Single Awareness Day, depending on who you talk to- and yes, the initials spell SAD- how great is that?) falls on a Monday. What the heck are you supposed to do on a Monday night? We Penthouse Pets have yet to discuss that as of yet. I don’t have to be at rehearsal that night, so I am declaring right now that we do something girly and fun! (Sorry guys- go have your own macho guys’ night and play poker or something.)

Do I need to state the obvious and tell all of you why Valentine’s day Really makes me happy? There is pink EVERYWHERE! I walk into stores and just get a warm fuzzy feeling. It’s almost overwhelming. I plan on making a trip to Target’ on Tuesday to see if I can’t get some marked-down pink items to add to my possession. Last year I got these great pink candles that of course are out in my room year-round. Who needs a holiday to decorate in pink I ask you? So if any of you happen to be in the shops this week or next and spot anything pink that might be of interest to me, let me know. Actually- that happens all the time to me anyways. Friends will come up and tell me about the pink sweater they bought, or a coat or something- knowing that I would fall in love with it. Heck, Ari’s mom calls her from Denver all the time to tell her about something pink she has seen that she knows “Bradley will love.” This makes me feel loved because I know you all are thinking about me when I’m not around (those are such sad times for you, I know). As Gerry House said on the radio this morning: I am a satellite dish for love! I don’t know why I found that statement so amusing, but maybe it has made you smile too. Or not, and you think, Gosh Amanda, don’t you do anything at your job besides write pointless diatribes? (I can’t hear the word “Gosh” any more without thinking of Napoleon Dynamite! Oh- and last night at rehearsal we were doing choreography and the guys were supposed to cross their arms over their chest. The kid next to me quipped that they should do it “Uncle Rico style.” I can tell this kid and I will be fast friends!) The answer to that question is a hardy, you bet your sweet a$$ I do! Happy Friday.

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