Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I am pathetic

(I can hear our receptionist in the lobby and the way she is answering the phone is exactly like the lady in "Office Space" and it's making me laugh. Bless her heart, she's probably never seen that movie.)

I know what you all are saying. "Rhonda Lu, you are not pathetic. You are high-quality ab fab! Why are you being so hard on yourself?" Because a couple hours ago I watched the trailer for "The Notebook" online and I CRIED! I dadgum cried at the TRAILER! It's all over for me tonight - I will probably hyperventilate and need CPR. But it will be worth it.

Amanda said that I'd share my idea about combining the Penthouse Pets with the Bachelorette. Last night during the "Why don't you nominate that special someone to be the next Bachelor / Bachelotette?" part of the show, I joked that us Pets need to do a triple Bachelorette show. I said that we'd call it "The Bachelor-Pets" (or "The Bachelorpettes" if you prefer - I really wasn't thinking of spelling when I blurted it out.) I sure am glad AJ found it funny, because I still don't. But that's what I'm here for roomie - to make you laugh and enjoy life to the fullest. I missed you and I'm glad you are home (sorry James)!!!

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Amanda said...

You win Rhonda