Thursday, February 24, 2005

Spontaneous spontaneity

Stop the presses!!

I was spontaneous this afternoon. Not even planned spontaneity, but just plain "hey, I just did something without planning." Mark this one down on the calendars. Now that I’ve built it up to be this huge thing, it’s really not that big of a deal. But my friends Kenneth and John who are friends from high school (except that I didn’t ever go to school with either of them), called around 12:30 and were in the area, and getting ready to go have lunch. Would I like to go with them, they asked. I hadn’t had lunch yet, although I did have some yummy leftovers from where Laura, my gourmet-Chef-of-a- sister, had cooked last night. "Now?" I said, and off I went! I hadn’t seen Ken since Heather’s wedding, and John since this summer at Johnny Jackson’s (roomies- he is the really good dancer, if your memories serve you well) so I decided the leftovers would wait until tomorrow. So I met the boys and another coworker of theirs at this Chinese Buffet place here in Franklin and sufficiently stuffed myself so that I won’t have to eat again for the rest of the day. We caught up on life and made plans to go to Johnny Jackson’s again soon. The amusing part of the meal, and what I considered blogworthy if you will, was when we got our fortune cookies. I was explaining to Kenneth the theory on fortune cookies that says you eat the first half, read the fortune (in bed) and then eat the second half of the cookie in order for it to come true. He had never heard this before. "Was the person who told you that Caucasian?" he asked. (Ken’s Thai) But seriously, has anyone else heard of this superstition with fortune cookies? I know I’m not flyin’ solo on this one. But here was my prophetic fortune:
"Friends long absent are coming back to you (…in bed)." Which is true since the guys called me out of the blue. Then their co-worker who ate with us had one that said something about keeping his feet on the Gound. There was a typo on his fortune!! John’s was blah about starting something new, and Kenneth’s said something about his verstility! Another typo! 2 of our 4 fortunes were mis-spelled!! What kind of crap is that? We all know what a grammar dork I am so this drove me crazy. Who lets these mistakes slide by and thinks that it’s ok- that the American people don’t care or even notice? Well this Diva noticed. My friends got broken fortunes. I want a refund from the Sam’s fortune cookie company, located in Chicago, IL- a very oriental area John quipped. But anyways. That was my spontaneous afternoon. Now get back to me on your fortune cookie superstitions. What works? What doesn’t? I want to know.


Anonymous said...

i've never heard of that way of eating fortune cookies. bill (who spent a lot of time in hong kong) says that you are to take the one that is folded towards you. me personally, i eat the entire thing and then read the fortune. there's gotta be something lucky about delayed gratification, right?

Rhonda Lu said...

Yeah, the whole "in bed" thing is pretty funny. Except one time, it went a little too far with one of my friend's fortunes. What makes it even funnier is that we were at lunch after church. What did the fortune say???

"It tastes good." =O