Monday, February 21, 2005

The Best BBQ Ever

As you all know I've been a little long-winded on here as of late. Primarily this is because I can't check other blogs or post comments anymore from work, so I use all that "extra" time to write more detailed posts instead. However, it has been brought to my attention that not all of you have nothing better to do than read my verbose ramblings (shocking, I know), so I'll spare you the details of this weekend and say that it was full of ups and downs, but it wound up being better than I could have imagined. What I would like to share with you is an afternoon of father-daughter bonding and the best barbecue ever. Yesterday's in Lexington. Every bit worth the 3 hour drive.

I had planned on Saturday morning being a relaxing day of having breakfast with the roommates + AWP (Ann Wade Parish- Emily's not-so-imaginary best friend, now that I Finally met the girl after months of hearing about her), painting my nails, packing, cleaning, Blogging. Alas, things got crazy as they usually do, and the majority of that did not happen. I rushed home after breakfast on Saturday (it was good, but it was no Chocolate Sin pancakes from PP) and got ready for my road-trip with Dad. As part of his Valentine's Day present I was going to take him to a UK basketball game at Rupp Arena. Saturday was the last home game UK had on a weekend, so it was basically our last opportunity to get to see our beloved Cats play. With both of us clad in Kentucky Blue, we set out on our 3-hour trek to Lexington. I was absolutely wired that afternoon and was singing the UK fight song every 2 or 3. It had been over a year since I had been to a game at Rupp, so I was just as excited as Dad to be going. Finally I settled down as we listened to some Ray Charles and Conway Twitty and talked about music (our favorite topic), and I pored through the latest Sephora catalogue.

The trip seemed to take forever, but we made it into the Lex-vegas in plenty of time to get parked, settle in, eat some lunch/dinner and hit the streets to find tickets for that night's ball game. We talked to a few people selling tickets but held off on buying them. We decided to go inside and kill some time and then come back out and buy tickets closer to game time. Mistake number 2. Mistake number 1 was not buying them on ebay when I had the chance, or better yet, not missing the day that current UK students could buy guest tickets and have someone purchase them for me then. I'm sure you can guess where this is going, but alas, Dad and I went inside the convention center, looked around a few shops, and sat down inside this bar called Yesterday's and had barbecue sandwiches and a few drinks. After a sufficient amount of time had been wasted, it was 2 hours till game time and we headed back outdoors to find tickets for that night's game. Horror of all horrors though, there were zero tickets to be had. This was the last Saturday home game, an SEC game against a team who had been previously ranked in the top 25, not to mention ESPN college game day was there, so everybody and their dog apparently decided that this was the game of the season to attend. We ran into countless people who were in the same boat we were in, trying to scalp tickets, but had no luck. We walked up and down the sidewalks near Rupp, had an interesting run-in with a homeless woman, and froze our tails off in the wind all for naught. It was killing me to see all the fans pouring into Rupp while we drove away. Dad was really a good sport about the whole thing and reassured me that he had nothing better to do on a Saturday and it was worth the drive on the chance that we would get tickets. Since the game was my idea in the first place though, I felt awful about making him drive all that way, only to turn around and have to listen to the game in the car. We joked around and said it was the best barbecue sandwiches we had ever had though, and worth a 3-hour drive, and paying $7 to park! At any rate, we had some good quality time together, and have a rather humorous story to tell. I have a feeling that Yesterday's barbecue will go down in Bradley family history as a story that gets told every basketball season. Who's hungry? Wanna drive to Lexington?

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daddy b said...

I still say it was the best BBQ sandwich I've had..and the chips, I can't begin to describe the crunch!