Thursday, February 10, 2005

ariana saves the day!!!

ok, because bradley is cursing her firewall into the depths of hades, i'm going to attempt the feat of putting a link onto this blog. if it doesn't work, i'm sorry. i hope you'll all remember me for my witty (and sometimes not so witty) comments. if it does work, bradley has to buy me a diet coke...with lime.
this is the link regarding the comm 252 class bradley talked about in today's blog. here goes kids....

cut and paste if you must. i'm new to this blog world. good luck.


Amanda said...

You're such a WERKER!! :o)

jillymae said...

is that the Mighty Mouse theme playing in the background? Here I come to save the daaaaaaaay! or maybe it's the Underdog theme? There's no need to fear! UNNNNNderdog is here!