Monday, February 28, 2005

Friday: part II

Emmy Sue, Rhonda Lu, Ari Jo, and myself got together at the Penthouse for a Girls Night In. There were supposed to be others but they all backed out. Shady girls! Just kidding- I love them all. We had a few drinks and munched on those new Pizza Hut dippin strips- 2 thumbs up for those- they were tasty, played Catch Phrase (Em: It’s the name of the bird who sits on your shoulder and talks. Rhonda Lu: Canary!), we danced to an old school cd mix of Em’s and of course, URsher, Ari tried to teach me how to do the African Booty Shake (where’s Sammy when you need him?) and Ari and I initiated Em and Rhonda into the WTF club- please meet our newest members, Frenchie and Country. :o) (This makes no sense to you unless you went to UK, I realize) Finally around 4:30 Em and I were the last to drift off to dream land but not until after I called and talked to James, who doesn’t even remember me calling I later found out! Guess I am just that forgettable a person. True, Saturday morning came early, and the apartment reeked of pancakes and the kitchen was an absolute Mess, but who knew that staying in could be so much fun??

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jillymae said...

sounds like tons o fun!!!