Thursday, March 17, 2005

Luck of the Irish

Let the madness begin! At precisely 11:20 am central standard time the University of Kentucky Wildcats help kick off the beginning of March Madness. It also happens to be St. Patty’s Day, so make sure if you are of legal drinking age you consume a green beer for me tonight. (The self-imposed drinking ban continues as the show opens tomorrow night and alcohol dries out your vocals chords) (That music score is a beast so I don’t want to take any chances!) (Plus one beer is just wasted calories.) By the way, you know what works as a great cure-all? Green Beer. This started last year at out St Patty’s Day celebration at Bailey’s on Broadway. For example:

Amanda: Hey Ari, I’m really bummed out about my love life.
Ari: Oh really? Well you know what’ll help that?
(In unison): Green Beer!

Rhonda: Yall, I am really stressed out about my big presentation at work today.
Amanda and Emily: well you know what’ll help relax you?
(All in unison): Green Beer!

George W: I’m an incompetent president, and half of my cabinet has just resigned… what can I do?
Amanda: No idea. Sorry about that one. No, okay, I guess I’ll continue to play along… Mr. W, you need some Green Beer.

So you get the idea.

Okay… imagine there was a time lapse here of about 5 hours, and now it is 2 oclock in the afternoon. Kentucky has just won (barely) (luck of the Irish I guess)… Alabama has just lost (darn that 12-5 upset!)… and now it’s time for me to learn how to use my phone and get crackin’ on my sales. How very exciting for me. I will be selling choral music to the sweet people of Alabama and those in Washington State. Guess I shouldn’t bring up basketball to my Alabama customers this afternoon, huh?

Alrighty then… go do whatever it is you do. I will be checking live updated ncaa scores online and attempting to start doing my job on my own (pretending he’s beside me… all alone, I walk with him till morning…) 10 points for anyone besides Ari who can tell me what that is from!


jillymae said...

please, that's not even a challenge. Eponine-On My Own-Les Miserables.

good to see you back i the blogging world! guess what? i've yet another present for ya...a NCAA tournament poster so you can keep track of all the March Madness =)

Anonymous said...

yeah? well... anyway, i'm hurt you wouldn't let me take the challenge. oh well, i guess i'll live. glad you're back in action. (jackson) good luck on the first full day by yourself and with the show opening tonight. nuzzle. ~ari