Monday, March 21, 2005

Fecunday Monday

Happy Fecunday Monday!! That’s right people, it’s Holy Week- the defining week for Christians, leading up to Easter. Now I don’t mean to be trite or take lightly what this week truly means for believers, but as always, there is a story to be told as to why today is called Fecunday Monday. It all started my senior year in high school (cue misty haze which then clears to reveal Brentwood High School and an 18 year old Amanda) in my AP English class where it was all the smart kids and me. Somehow the word fecundity came up in a class discussion (how do these things ever come up anyways?). As it turns out, fecundity is a noun meaning:

1: the intellectual fruitfulness of a creative imagination [syn: fruitfulness] 2: the state of being fertile; capable of producing offspring [syn: fertility] 3: the quality of something that causes or assists healthy growth [syn: fruitfulness]

So the smart kids got to show off their extensive vocabulary, and Amanda got to learn a new word that day (we all know how fond of the English language I am, so I was excited!) So just for fun the rest of that year we used fecundity, fecund, and fecundaliscious in class as much as possible.

Fast forward to Holy Week 1999- the week before Easter. Growing up with one side of my family being Catholic, I knew that certain days of this week had special names… Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, but I didn’t know what Monday and Tuesday were called. Well she didn’t know either, so I therefore decided that the Monday before Easter would forever be dubbed Fecunday Monday. Tune in tomorrow for Tuesday’s specially-named day.


MamaB said...

HOLY Thursday--not Maundy Thursday--I don't like the word "maundy". HOLY is a much more pleasant sounding word although pleasant isn't what it stands for when you think of what happened that night long ago---but then, on the other hand, it was the Last Supper on that night so that is a pleasant thing. But then again, LAST SUPPER, isn't too pleasant sounding either....but it still beats the word "Maundy".

Anonymous said...

mama b is getting a bit careful bradley. ~ari

daddy b said...

Do we now see where "LITTLE BEAR" finds it's humble begining?

Amanda said...

Yes, for sure. Although she's not a Little Bear- she's the Little General! Maybe I can strive to become the Littlest General :o)