Monday, March 28, 2005

Sex In The Non-City

Love was in the air this weekend. No, not for me (ha ha that sure would be funny though, wouldn’t it?) but at Radnor Lake. The critters were out in abundance on a gorgeous Saturday morning as the Penthouse Pets embarked on our looooong hike (thank you Emmy Sue for thoroughly kicking my butt). We saw a Ginormouus Snapping Turtle (“offspring, Jellyman; Jellyman, offspring.”), a bunch of smaller turtles basking in the sun along the banks of the lake (“Turrrrrtle. Turrrrtle. Am I not turtley enough for your turtle club?”), pink, purple, and white flowers covering the hills, and even heard frogs sounding their mating calls. On our final strectch back though we were able to witness 2 snakes mating on the side of the path. There was a park ranger there to point it out to passer-by-ers such as ourselves, so it was a pretty interesting thing to witness. The female snake was partially under a log and was “on bottom” while the male snake coiled himself around her. We decided they were Missionary Snakes, and had a chuckle while marveling at the wonder of God’s creation.

While on the car ride home Rhonda Lu blurted out a now-classic Penthouse Quote when asked if she didn’t realize that the reason I would be able to go bowling with them that night was because I didn’t have shows all weekend. “I don’t think very much” she exclaimed. There you have it folks.

That night me, Em, Rhonda, Mary Anna, and Karla went to El Arroyo to cross off one more restaurant on our Places To Eat list. I must say, the free (cheese) queso was yummy, but not worth the drive, the shady beef (gristle) or the terrible service. I think Rhonda was satisfied (esp with the margaritas) but Em and I won’t be going back any time soon. But since we were so far out (this place was off I-24 near Starwood) and Emily was driving, we opted to go bowling out in Smyrna (Read: Smer-na, not Suh-mer-na). Of course it would just happen to be the Youth Bowling championships that night, and there was like a 2 hour wait, so we ended up starting a trend in the downstairs room at Melrose (the best bowling alley in Nashville) and had a grand old time. Rhonda won her first game of bowling ever, Em and Karla stayed neck and neck, and the 3 of us who are bowling-ly challenged- me, Lana, who met us there, and Mary Anna, encouraged one-another. AND, it was my first ever time to cyber bowl, so that was exciting.

The Easter Bunny came and went, and brought me lots of pink in my Easter basket, plus several small bags of Cadbury Mini-eggs (my new favorite Easter candy). What I really wish the Easter Bunny had brought me however, was a trip to the final four for UK. As most of you know by now, the Wildcats lost to Mich State in a double-overtime game yesterday, and their season is now over. Senior Chuck Hayes will be greatly missed next year. Coldplay is in the cd player and I am sufficiently bummed out. Although Coldplay is a step up on the depressing music level, because last year after our shocking second-round loss to UAB it was Radiohead in the car for several weeks. Every Cats fan will agree though: next year is our year. Till then, baseball starts in a few weeks so we can keep up with Cinci and Florida to occupy ourselves for a while. It’s always something, isn’t it? A Happy Dreary Monday to you all.


jillymae said...

"i don't think very much" rofl that's great, r-lu.

i'm glad you discovered the joy of Cadbury Mini Eggs, amanda. yes, they ARE the BEST candy EVER!!! and i would SOOOOOO be in trouble if they made them all year round! (read: I would be round) usually i limit myself to 1 bag (and then cheat and have 2, plus the ones my mom sends me in my easter basket - yes, i still get one. don't you?) how many bags did jill go through this year? hmmmmm, i'm not telling ;) but i haven't gained any pounds ! (you bet you sweet @$$ i've been working out!) so i must not;ve cheated too badly this year ;)

Adam said...

As a bunch of nerds, the group of us that work together at the studio knew that we had finally accomplished something in life when the people at Melrose started recognizing us as regulars, and finally stopped delegating us to the downstairs. I don't smoke and I don't drink beer, but nothing beats a cigarette in the mouth, a beer in the left hand, a bowling ball in the right, and Welcome to the Jungle on the jukebox.