Tuesday, March 15, 2005

march madness

it's officially begun.. the time of the year when all basketball fanatics become absolutely useless in their jobs, in their plays, in their lives... basketball becomes all-consuming. well, okay, maybe not to that extreme, but this Thursday Does begin the ncaa tournament. I am sad to say that while my Cats are an extremely talented team, they are just not consistant enough for me to pick them going all the way this year (Patrick Sparks, I'm talking to you!). Go to the above link to get all the latest and greatest info and updates on the tournament and fill out your brackets. Let the fun begin.

Also speaking of fun and new beginnings, the job is going great... my internet and email are now working. And of course that's the mark of a good job right??? Also I am getting excited about making my Cubie a pink respite from the craziness of work. How fun is the word Cubie by the way? I think it's such a nice alternative to describe a work space which is inherently impersonal and generic. But I have a running list of things I need to bring and/or buy to make my space my own. Look out Brentwood Benson- the pink parade is coming! Happy Tuesday everyone.

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jillymae said...

yeah, cubie is much more fun sounding than cubicle or cube. they won't know what hit em when her pinkness is in effect! =)