Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cliche a Day

Ari got me a desk calendar called "Cliche a Day" and every day you get a new phrase and the historical background behind it. Today's phrase I found to be particuarly inspiring:

In the Pink
in good health and ready to go

In traditional English fox hunting, hunters wore scarlet-colored jackets called pinks. If you were wearing your pink, you were ready to go hunting.

How cool is that? So the next time any of you single girls are on the hunt for a good man (Charlie Brown) you can say you're "in the pink!" ha ha


Bethany said...

Where do people find these things for you....a "cliche" calendar was like totally made for Amanda Bradley! :-)

Sarah said...

There may be a reason this one fell out of popular parlance........10-to-1 Mary Anna will be the only one who picks up what I'm throwin' down here.

P.S. I look forward to many more days of the cliche of the day. This could be the MOST fun!

Mark Kelly Hall said...

What Sarah is no doubt referring to is that, as the fox population was decimated by overeager hunters, and with the advance of weapons technology, simultaneous with the growth in expendable income for the middle classes (thus allowing them more choices for recreation), other forms of hunting became popular, such as deer, raccoon, wild turkey, etc. Included in this newly-targeted group of wildlife was the pink flamingo. To train their older sons in the sport, fathers would dress their younger, more slender sons in pink and stomp one of their feet, making them stand in the woods on one leg so the hunter-in-training could get some practice shots. Thus to be said to be "in the pink" came to refer to being in a hazardous position.

As society gradually developed greater sensitivity toward family issues, and flamingo-hunting families became more rare (due to the usually-accidental elimination of males to carry the family name), the practice fell out of vogue. Descendants of these hunters moved to Florida and created statues to honor their ancestors' tradition, hence the popularity of the plastic pink flamingoes that can be found even today in that part of the country.

Or maybe it had something to do with communism? One of those, surely.

* * *
BTW, you gals all need to see the film "Music and Lyrics"--see my blog for yet another occasion where I risk my reputation as a regular guy, by admitting I like a chick flick .


Mark Kelly Hall said...

BTW, Amanda, since you're one of the few who care: in your "About Me" statement, the guy in Aerosmith is Steven (not Stephen) Tyler...and I have a feeling he wasn't really expressing a color preference...which gives a meaning to your hearty agreement that I assume is unintended, or at least not serious. But then, I don't know you THAT well....

Anonymous said...

go me for picking out a good calendar!
(yep, that's all i've got)

Mary Anna said...

I'm not *ahem* "shocked" that Sarah picked up on this little nugget of a popular collegiate-frat rhyme...