Friday, February 09, 2007

Cliche a Day

Today's Cliche a Day is a phrase very near and dear to my heart; one that I grew up hearing my mother say, but have rarely heard anywhere else. Coincidentally enough though, a customer of mine said this on the phone the other day, and I couldn't help but laugh! Today's Cliche a Day phrase is (drum roll, please!)

Hunky dory
to be okay; everything is good

Huncho-dori was a major street in Yokohama, Japan, that was frequented by American sailors on leave during the Occupation that followed World War 1. To be in Huncho-dori was to be enjoying leisure activities and having a good time.

I wonder if "enjoying leisure activities" might be the PC term for hooked up with Geishas? Oh well, I Geisha had to be there! (Boo, Hiss, Throw your tomatoes!)

I am curious, Mom, was hunky dory a phrase you inheritated from Papa, who might have picked it up from his dad who was in WW1?? BTW, Ari, I am finding that many of these cliche phrases stemmed from war slang, and am enjoying the daily snippets of education. And for the record, yes, I enjoy the word snippet very much.

TGIF everyone!


Anonymous said...

I have never heard anyone besides mom uses this phrase either.

Bethany said...

I have heard it- maybe from my mom...not sure where, but a few in my past have used it.

Good to know where it comes from! :-)

Anonymous said...

i am such a trend starter (i am also the fire starter, but that's a story for another day). nuzzle!

MamaB said...

You may be right--maybe that is how we came to start using that cliche. I always liked the sound of it so that is why I always say it. Thanks for letting me know where it originated!!

Mark Kelly Hall said...

For what it's worth, I've heard this all my life, and if I'm not mistaken, on TV, radio, etc. But it's harder for me to determine because I have more years to analyze than most of you.

BTW, ari, if you're the Firestarter you should be getting a cut of the profits off "Firestarter Brand Smoked Sausages." I saw it on SNL, so it must be real.