Monday, February 19, 2007

weekend tid-bits

A nice low-key weekend has come and gone. (Today was still part of my weekend- call it a mental health day if you will). A few thoughts on the 3-day weekend:

The performances with the Nashville Symphony for the Philip Glass piece are over and done. I never thought I would say this, but I actually ended up liking the music a lot, and am sad because all that hard work and months of preparation, and I am 95% sure that i will never sing that obscure work ever again. Most of the choir never warmed up to the piece so I'm sure there were a lot of happy people once the final note had been played on Saturday. I am a self-proclaimed music geek though, so I was giddy at the fact that the composer was there, a man whom I first studied in Dr. Pen's music history class in college, a man whose music I hated, then grew to appreciate through film scores such as the Truman Show, the Hours, and then this choral work he composed for the Nashville Symphony. I even went to the lecture Philip Glass gave Saturday night and he talked about the process for composing a film score, an opera, and finally the Passion of the Ramakrishna, which was the new piece of his we were performing that night. To have a living legend of a modern American composer sitting in my midst I was, in a word, Starstruck.

Riddle me this: Nashville goes multiple days in a row where it doesn't get above the freezing temperature mark, yet when it decides to snow the better part of Saturday, it's all of sudden to warm for any of the snow to stick- what gives??!!

Vanderbilt beat Florida, and Joakim Noah got into a near-fist-fight with Vandy coach Kevin Stallings on the sideline-- I laughed my tail off! Especially humorous was when you could hear the Vandy crowd chanting "Noah Sucks" at the end of the game!

Then I sighed in frustration as my Wildcats lost their 3rd SEC game in a row to Alabama. We're not ranked anymore, and we're 3rd in the SEC east behind Florida and Vanderbilt. "Is it football season yet??"

My best-friend-Heather-from-home was in town this weekend. She, her sister Angie, and I hung out, watching the Departed (my second time to see it- man, I LOVE that movie!), we killed time in Sephora and I played with the makeup but did not purchase a single thing (major breakthrough!). Also, it is important to note that both of the new products I blogged about not too long ago on here were both front and center on the first tabel when you enter the store, I felt quite pleased that Sephora took my advice and featured these 2 items. :o)

Our blonde trio also went to see Music & Lyrics. I loved it. Angie hated it. Heather fell somewhere in between. To me, the opening sequence of the entire 80's-esque video of Hugh Grant's has-been 80's band POP was worth seeing the entire movie. The songs are catchy, I laughed a lot, and I left the movie theater after seeing a romantic comedy all warm and fuzzy and not depressed. Is it going to win an Oscar? Don't count on it, but if you are female, wanting to enjoy some feel-good, mindless entertainment, then this movie is for you. Except for Ari, who can't stand Drew Barrymore. It's unfortunate, since the movie revolves around music and songwriting, but you will hate this film if you can't put up with the leading lady. Sorry.

I am giddy because tonight was the first weeknight I've had in 3 weeks with nowhere to be. Tomorrow night promises more of the same, Hallelujah!


Mark Kelly Hall said...

I'm glad you followed my advice--and agreed with me about--"Music & Lyrics." You have great discernment for someone so young. However, I do object to the phrase "if you are female..."; you don't have to be female to like the movie (though I admit, it'd probably help).

Your next assignment: "Valley of the Dolls." You'll love it: bouffant hairdos, authentic period everything (because it was made in the 60's), definitive diva behavior...and the DVD I found at the library has a pink case. My really early memory of seeing part of it on TV and the haunting theme song by Dionne Warwick drew me to it. Then I watched the included documentary about how it's loved by gay people for being campy...greeeaat. Actually it has its better moments, and the overall message is redemptive. But this comment is as far as my recommendation goes.

Finally, I wonder: if Philip Glass had become an architect instead of a composer, would it have had an impact on the incidence of stone-throwing? Discuss.

Anonymous said...

what no belated valentines recap?