Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Now give three cheers and one cheer more for the hardy captain of the Pinafore!

I thought it high time I get my drama queen self back on the stage, and so I'm currently in rehearsals for H.M.S. Pinafore at Pull-Tight Theater (the same theater where I did Pirates of Penzance in 2005). One of the cast members has put together a really cool website where you can "meet the cast," read trivia about the show, and see photos of the set currently as it's under construction.

I'd love for you to come and see the show! Performance dates are as follows:

Friday March 23rd
Saturday March 24th

Thursday March 29th
Friday March 30th
Saturday March 31st
Sunday April 1st (Just kidding!) (Not!)

Thursday April 12th
Friday April 13th (my Dad's birthday!)
Saturday April 14th
Sunday April 15th (make sure your taxes are done before you come)

Thursday April 19th
Friday April 20th
Saturday April 21st

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